5 Reasons Why Most Marketing Campaigns Fail

By on September 12, 2018

It is rare to come across top-notch marketing campaigns for several reasons. Here I have discovered some trends why most marketing campaigns fail and what you can do to get them back on track.

Let’s see if you can relate to this scenario: You are a marketer, you plan your goals, and is all set to start your marketing campaign. Soon after, the strategies you made make you feel smug. You have spent the bucks on research to bring out the best from your campaign. The big day of the launch of the campaign comes; days, weeks and months pass, and you receive no fame and fortune from your results.

Marketing campaigns fail.  SBI found that in 2014, 71% of marketing teams were using ineffective methods for helping their companies grow.

If you’re someone who is knee-deep in the trenches fighting it out, fear not, there are marketing battles in every sector, find out what is killing your marketing campaign and see what you can do to push the boundaries.

What kills a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaigns are about getting results, but if your business is continually failing to get the desired results, take a look at these reasons you should cross-check for the success of your next big campaign.

  1. Failing to tie your campaign to specific goals

How do you pick which is the best goal to set? Often marketing managers fail to pick the right goal, which becomes a big reason for marketing campaign failure.

How to set marketing goals?

For 10x growth it is suggested that the focus should be on the aspirational part of the goal. So, for calculating your goal apply this formula:

Average Current Monthly Contribution To Metric × 10 = Marketing Goal 

The end number that will be defined should be aspirational, but definitely within the practical means of achievement. As you keep this number in the picture, you will influence the right leads. Make smart goals and get started!

  1. Failing to sort the targeted audience

Though you know your buyer personas well, your target still doesn’t know you. What’s going wrong? You are probably not using the information related to your target audience to optimize your marketing strategy. A big reason behind the failure of several social media marketing campaigns is their lack of commitment to identifying a target audience, and trying to appeal to everyone.

How do we change this?

It is great to know who you are marketing to, but it also important to apply the same to your marketing strategy for your business growth.

Start with these questions:

  • Who will use my services?
  • What is the most pressing desire or problem?
  • What is your audience’s basic demographics?
  • Identify your potential opportunities

The more you understand your audience’s wants and needs, the more likely it will lead to a lasting customer relationship. Bring your targets to life!

  1. Failing to have real discussions with the team

There’s no doubt that marketing strategies are the responsibility of the marketing team and requires a contribution from all individuals. If you are unable able to your team to focus, you are probably lagging behind.

How to get into the real discussion?

To make your marketing journey successful, there are tools that help teams to stay focused in their efforts with smooth communication. ProofHub discussion is for anything you want to talk about. Discuss anything and everything about each challenge to have varied ideas and strategies.

  1. Failing in marketing budgets

“I need to grow my business to make money, but I need money to do that”. Is this you? New or emerging business generally have a lack of available resources, so they fail to execute the campaign successfully. The marketing budget mistakes are at times difficult to recover from. So, you need to develop your marketing math to make sure you build your brand right.

How to make the perfect marketing budget?

  • Spend your dollars wisely on branding, social media, content, advertising, events and website.
  • Start marketing after you have a solid identity
  • Have a look at the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Create a budget worksheet
  1. Failing to use a clear call-to-action

The call-to-action acts as a signpost for the user to know what to do next. And if the users are not clear about why they should act on your CTA, your marketing will fail.

What are some valuable tips for your CTA?

The more information you give to your potential customers, the better it will be for you.

  • Use a strong command verb
  • Use words that provoke emotions
  • Show FOMO in your CTA
  • Use numbers if possible

The success of your call-to-action can be measured through your conversion rate that calculates the number of clicks divided by the number of times the CTA was seen.

I hope these simple tips will help your marketing campaign to build a reputation that sets the stage for future growth. It’s time to bounce back!

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