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By on September 15, 2013
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Twitter can be a tricky social network to master, which is why new tactics are surfacing every day that will help you expand your following on the platform. Today I’m taking a closer look at which tactics get new users the most followers for their trouble. If you have been searching for a way to grow your fan base, this is the post to read.

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#1: Focus on The Real World Balance

If you need more real world followers, then you need to get out there and make an impact in the real world. Twitter may be news based, but the most popular feeds are from people that aren’t afraid to DO, to grow their following. Become a conference speaker, publish a report, a white paper, network at a lunch, host a Hangouts debate or appear on a podcast.

Twitter favors the bloggers and social media managers in the world that have something to say, because they always have something to do. This is the real secret to rapid Twitter feed adoption on the platform.

#2: Create Lots of Different Forms of Media

Just because Twitter uses 140 characters of text, doesn’t mean that your entire feed has to be made up of wit, humor or insight. In fact, the more media you create the easier your link promotion becomes. Webinars, slideshows, podcasts, videos, clips, guest appearances, photos, blog posts – these ‘action’ tweets will get you the followers you need.

#3: Get The Technical Bits of Content Right

Who knows how to create a high-impact tweet? Not many people. That’s why so many feeds on Twitter are illegible, packed with hashtags or overloaded with horrible Follow Friday spam and marketing garble. Learn how to create a tweet that converts and use the formula to progressively promote your feed and gain more Twitter users.

You can find out how to properly create a tweet in my past post here.

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#4: Use Your Profound Network of Influencers

Twitter is first and foremost a place where you are supposed to briefly engage with fans and followers. When you invite other network personalities to appear on your Twitter feed, you will get more fans and interactions. Organize guest appearances, guest tweeting, or special media created just for your feed by an influencer friend.

#5: Create a Cycle of Targeted Community Engagement

When you are not trying to connect with your fans, you should be connecting with influencers that are active on the platform. Making friends on Twitter is easier than on other social networks, and by engaging daily with these influencers you will get noticed.

That means retweeting, responding, advocating and contributing to the success of someone else’s Twitter feed. That is how the cycle of success on Twitter works!

Use these 5 smoldering tactics to ensure that your Twitter feed picks up a lot of targeting followers in the next few months, as we lead into 2014. The potential for growth is high here on Twitter, and mastering it now will save you the trouble of having to learn about it once the company goes public and really starts to grow and innovate again.

Which of these powerful community building techniques did you find the most useful in today’s post on building a Twitter community?

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