5 Steps for a Killer Social Media Resume

By on January 15, 2020


The traction that social media has gained in the past few years has made it a daily part and parcel of every human’s life. Witnessing the astronomical heights it’s reaching, it is safe to assume that it is here to stay.

With this growth, new opportunities have come along 윈도우 필수패키지 2012. Social media marketing is one such lucrative position that holds immense promise and growth.

However, the competition to get a job is fierce and you need a dependable resume that can help you get your foot in the door.

Today, social media is not just used for entertainment purposes. Recruiters have been increasingly using it to scout for talent 퍼펙트 다크. Presently, 135 million professionals and over 77% of recruiters are present on LinkedIn-These numbers speak for themselves.

In this article, we will guide you on how to notch up your social media resume and shine like a star in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers 일말의 순정.

Jump right into finding how you can present yourself with better-written eloquence.

1.    Choose a Suitable Format

Recruiters are famously known for taking a maximum of 6 seconds to analyze your resume. This can lead to your resume being a hit or a miss.

Using the right format can help you highlight your most important information download odin. In this case, even if someone only glances through it, they will be able to retain the important information.

Reverse chronological order format is one such format. It helps you by placing your most recent work experience at the top of your resume and then listing everything else in reverse chronological order. It makes your resume relevant and easy to read for the recruiter 태양의후예 3화.

Mentioned below is the scheme which when followed with reverse chronological order yields the best results:

  • Start with a passionate resume summary to show-off your keenness for the job.
  • Don’t miss out on decorating your experience with relevant skills and analytical data.
  • Mentioning relevant education history is like icing on a cake that should not be skipped
  • Don’t forget to add the domain-specific keywords in your resume 만다라트 다운로드. Sprinkle them in the summary, skills, and the professional experience section.
  • Add relevant extra sections like volunteering experience or certifications acquired or other additional skills you might hold like photoshop or video editing.

2.    Draft an Attractive Social Media Resume Summary

Don’t compose a bland resume summary by making it a paragraph long and listing everything that you have written in your resume 자바스크립트 pdf 파일. Spice it up by starting it off with the years of experience you have and then only mentioning your career highlights.

Do you think you are capable of fashioning attention-grabbing yet informative posts on social media? Showcase this talent by composing one such summary for your resume.

An attractive summary must include your hard skills with relevant work experience and numbers to back up this information 구글드라이브 공유 다운로드.

An excellent summary is just like a short social media bio you write on various platforms but tailored in a more professional way according to the position you are applying for-This section holds the capability of helping you land your dream social media job.

3.    Showcase Your Past Social Media Success

A compelling summary can only be created if you have the backbone of experience to base it on 촉수로 세뇌 컴퓨터. Showing prior social media success will tell the hiring managers that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Using appropriate numbers and simple infographics to show-off your past achievements is a strategy that will take you to the top of the pile.

Mention how you were a social media star in your previous company when you increased your social media followers by 5K and how your twitter followers went up by 150% BlueStack 3. Numbers put the bite in your bark and recruiters love seeing testaments to your claims.

Below is a good example to help you figure out how you should brag about your prior success in your resume:

Increased engagement on Facebook and Twitter by 200% and also increased Pinterest followers from 2K to 8K with a 250% increase in reach and impressions.

4.    Sprinkle Some Analytical Know-How

Your job does not end at bringing a massive amount of traffic to a social media handle. Recruiters also need to be ensured that once the numbers reach an astronomical high, you have the potential to cater to these people while achieving maximum retention.

Present yourself as a planner and someone who is familiar with tools to handle big-scale traffic. Familiarity with Twitter Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Google Webmaster tools (to handle social media retargeting) and Google Analytics to directly view the audience’s behavior on a live website will put you in the good books of any recruiter.

5.    Show Off Your Photoshop Skills

Everyone knows that image and video posts engagement is relatively greater than basic text posts.

Image and video formatting skills are in huge demand and will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Hands-on knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and even Canva image editing tool can prove to be an outstanding skill to get you ahead in the selection game.


Social media marketing has become a highly lucrative industry to get into. Why wouldn’t people want fun jobs like just managing facebook, Instagram and Twitter all day long.

But the competition demands that you put extra effort into your resume.

This article arms you with the ammunition you need to fire up your process of resume-writing. Follow the advice given here to come up with an attractive and professional social media resume.

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