5 Steps to Make Blogging Profitable

By on September 7, 2017

            In recent years blogging has become famous among different classes of people. Anyone who has an idea, an appeal, a complaint or a hobby can run his or her personal blog. Whether you already have your own blog or are a newbie, you can certainly find many of the useful ideas I am going to cover in this article. Of course, it’s quite exciting to run a personal blog, to write down your thoughts and concerns, to find like-minded people or to share useful information. But what if you combine the pleasant with the useful? Believe it or not, I am here to help you make your blog lucrative. Unlike the online stores that sell goods or services and earn money this way, the income of blogs depends solely on advertisements. In general, people advertise their brand or services to reach out to their audience. Advertisements are made in the internet, on TV, newspapers, radio, banners and so on Download the iPad youtube video. Apparently, advertising via internet has become more and more popular in the recent years and it is constantly expanding. Advertising online is done through the advertising companies. In fact, the most famous company people trust their advertising is Google. The latter has advertising services for those who have a product or a service to advertise and for those who wish to place advertisements on their own websites. The service to support the first option is called AdWords and the second one is called AdSense. In the scope of this article I am going to outline 5 key points to help you on your way and firstly I want to speak about AdSense service. As the famous proverb says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Thus, AdSense service is your first step to success. Let’s see how it works and what actions you should take.

  1. Open an account on AdSense, sign up and follow the directions.

AdSense service operates for website owners who want to get advertisements posted on their websites and earn money every time internet users click through the ads or take some action in relation to those ads DeadSpace1. AdSense service accepts your request, looks through your website and discusses whether to add your account or to reject you. This is a lengthy process, however it’s not bad that Google AdSense discusses the requests so that not to overload the service by poor quality websites. By the way, in case you have a domain that is customized it’s better for you to sign up with that one as in this case you have better chances of being accepted. Or else, you can use your Gmail. Afterwards, you can check your preferred advertisement format, but it is advisable to choose all the formats, then the program gives you an HTML code, you place it on your website and your advertising space is ready to accept ads from the World Wide Web. The Google folks will find the keywords the advertisers have bidden for on your blog and soon you will see the first ad on your webpage. Congratulations!! Now it’s the starting point of your success you are going to tell your grandchildren about 🙂 Nevertheless, the amount of money you will get per click is dependent on different factors, essentially, it depends on the amount advertisers have bidden for your keyword and set up an agreement with Google AdWords Download the viewfinder app. So as you can see, to increase the amount of money you will get per click on the advertisement placed on your webpage is conditioned by matching the right keywords as well. Consequently, let’s pass on and see what we can improve here:

  1. Do keyword research and ensure their relevance to page content.

You run a blog right? Most probably, you have many articles posted out there that include some tips, recipes, experiences or whatever. Let’s say, you use rich text there without doing any keyword research. What will be the outcome? Google AdSense service has a large number of bloggers’ database willful to accept ads on their websites. Certainly, they do keyword research, find the keywords that are being searched for every day, identify the price Google AdWords has agreed to pay per click (the price advertisers have bidden for certain keywords in the AdWords auction), include them in their texts, take care of the relevance of the keyword with the page content 유튜브 메이트. And what if you don’t do this? Well, Google tools will crawl its database and match the keywords advertisers have bidden for with those that have been used on blog pages. With the aim of finding the right matches, Google AdSense service will opt for the webpages which have the keywords in their texts. Of course, when you turn to AdSense saying that you want to place an ad on your page, it will review your request and if your website is accepted, it will find something to place on your site. But if you can place the keywords which are more demanded and have a higher cost-per-click, why not do that and increase the possible income. To illustrate my point, I have done research for my Popup Builder website relevant keywords and here are the results

As you can see, I have checked the word “Popup” to see what profitable options I can have. Thus, the search term “how to enable popups on iPhone” has the highest volume i.e. it is being searched by 70 people, the CPC for the keyword phrase is 33.72 dollars and the total value is 2.360 dollars. So if the key phrase is being searched by 70 people and suppose all of those 70 people click on the suggested ads, the total amount of money Google will charge will be 2.360 dollars apache2. But your income as a blogger will depend on how much an advertiser has bidden for a specific keyword and what price has been set. It’s also vitally important to keep in mind that Google AdSense will not consider the quantity of clicks made by yourself on your own website or won’t pay you for bot performed click-throughs. So don’t ever try to cheat Google. The service is clever enough to detect any scams.

AdSense service also shows ads according to the searches. It collects data from Browsers, it “knows” the interests and occupation of almost all of its users. Accordingly, it can easily identify what a user is interested in at the moment and show some pages to him or her according to what they have been recently looking for. In addition, Google gives website owners the opportunity to choose the kinds of ads to be displayed on their pages according to the keywords applied. Nevertheless, there is also a nuance for the website owners to consider. When you ask AdSense to place only the ads corresponding to the keyword you have used on your page, Google AdSense may occasionally place the ad of your competitor on your website which should not be acceptable for you 더캠프. Here Google AdSense has a solution as well. So when you open an account and fill in the forms for Google to consider, you can mention the URL of your competitor website so that AdSense service excludes placing it on your site. Surely, promoting competitors on their pages is for dummies. So I am sure you don’t want to be one 🙂

  1. Encourage your website visitors to disable their AdBlocking Service

Surely, there are a lot of people among us who don’t like receiving advertisements. In order not to get nervous because of receiving ads, many people set up and enable the Ad Block service for their Browsers which allows to block the ads and not to see them. As a blogger you know about this option and you also know that this is a real problem that will hinder you from showing ads to your website visitors.  Taking this into account, you should do your best to encourage and assist your site visitors to turn off the Ad Blocker on their Browser.

Particularly, to reach out to your website visitors you can use the Ad Block Detect Popup Extension with the help of which you can make a popup convincing a visitor to turn off the Ad Blocker so that they can see the advertisements on your page 돌핀 브라우저. This will retrieve you the opportunity to be visible to your audience as people interested in the modern extensions and tools, or in herbs, care products or whatsoever, may be inspired by those you promote on your site.

  1. Promotion of your page via Social Media Networks.

 It is highly recommended to start spreading the word about yourself through the Socials. Here you have multiple choices. For instance, you can add social buttons to your website or make Social Popups. This functionality offers a convenient way for encouraging your visitors to share and spread the word about your brand or services through a compact and nice-looking window.

Apart from this, you can join Facebook groups related to the sphere of your activity, follow people on Twitter and Google+, share your unique posts there, cite your webpage, offer your services thus attracting more customers httpclient 파일 다운로드. To reassure that you are an active user it is highly recommended to answer questions at your comment pages. In addition, to make your presence felt, you can also research blogging websites and be helpful at their comments pages as well.

  1. Paying attention to ad position is a must.

As advertisements are the source of your income from running a blog it is important to pay attention to the position you provide for them. Of course, you cannot control what the ads on your page will look like, as advertisers determine the design of their advertisement themselves. Fortunately, deciding the position of the ads on your webpage is within your authority. So, you can provide AdSense with advertising space. Determining the position of advertisements, you should pay attention to both visibility and relevance to content. As to visibility, it’s better to provide advertising space either at top or at side positions. It’s not recommended to give advertising opportunity at the bottom of your webpages as this will decrease the chances for an ad to be clicked through and accordingly your chances to earn money will drop 고클린 최신버전 다운로드. As mentioned above, relevance to page content must be considered as well when providing space for advertising. For example, suppose you have written an informative article on what sunscreens are safer for kids. At the beginning you speak about the types of sunscreens and the sun protection factor (SPF). Later on, when you have already covered the key points, you can provide an advertising space within your content. So, it will be right to the point for Google AdSense to use the provided space for advertising a high-quality sunscreen compliant to the safety requirements presented within your article. Consequently, people searching the engines for a safe sunscreen for their kids will possibly come across your article and while reading it they will see the ad and say “Oh, that’s just what I need”. Thus, showing products or services in context will add up emotional hint and demonstrate the value of the offer.

Finally, if you are thinking whether blogging can help you to achieve success, the answer is that if run properly, a blog can serve as an exceptional means to spread the word about your brand or services, as well as to place advertisements to earn money 칼리리눅스 메타스플로잇. The key to success is constant development, engagement and everyday hard work as marketing is not a static process, it demands time, perseverance and hard work to always be engaged and informed of the latest marketing trends.



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