5 Super-Easy Ways To Track Your Online Reputation #Socialstrategy

By on August 13, 2013
Online reputation

Online reputation management is becoming a more pressing concern for small businesses that are expanding their social media efforts on the internet Download Hancom Baekje b. The more content that is published online, the higher the risk of someone, somewhere taking offense to it.

Today, I’m going to give you 5 really easy ways to make sure people aren’t destroying your brand behind your back dia diagram!

#1: Google Alerts – The First Line of Defense

If you have a unique business name, it’s always a good idea to set Google Alerts based on this keyword 아일라. Don’t bother if there are thousands of other businesses in your niche with that name however, or your inbox will be spammed ALL the time.

#2: Socialpointer Information Dashboard

A free tool that allows you to put in your business name, your competitors and your keyword terms for a comprehensive view into your niche 크레마. Need to know where your brand has been published? This is a great way to do it. It’s also nice to see who else is saying stuff about you, when you aren’t looking Download PowerMill 2018. Socialpointer gets the job done.

#3: Manual Search, News and Blog Search

If you want to scan what your other customers are seeing when they plug your name or brand into Google, Yahoo or MSN – then regular manual testing is required Mongolian movie. Search Google’s general search, on their news and blog filter. Do the same for the other search engines. You never know what might be ranking about your business Download to become king!

#4: A Klout-Like Platform Called PeerIndex

PeerIndex is just like Klout, only it’s not Klout – and the results are different Download StarCraft Battlenet. I’m a big fan of using as many online reputation tools as it takes to keep a handle on what your audience thinks about you and this means knowing your influence Download mysql 5.5. It’s also a nice way to discover who likes your brand, and who can be turned into a brand advocate.

Online reputation

Courtesy of interactive360.com

#5: Topsy For Instant Social Feedback

Need a way to see who has been talking about you on social media sites camcorder? Topsy is a great tool for finding links, photos, videos, tweets and other snippets of social content that you may have missed in general or dashboard-based searches. Enjoy a thorough social search, social analytics and social trends at the click of a button. It’s pretty accurate!

BONUS! Socialmention

While not the most accurate platform in the world, Socialmention also analyses your brand name and details in one little click. It’s a great way to check if there is any negative sentiment online about your brand, or about you personally. I always add first names to these searches, just in case a disgruntled social fan decides to get nasty.

There are a lot of trolls out there, and many people who are willing to smear your name for no reason, just because they can. To defend against these attacks, perform these checks at least twice a month to monitor your online brand reputation. Google Alerts is automatic, so you will know if something starts ranking about you that could harm your business!

Have you ever been the target of a fan or client attack? Tell me about it!

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