5 Tactics for Growing Your Blog Traffic

By on August 15, 2018

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Let truth be told! It’s pretty easy to start a blog but extremely difficult to grow one. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the blogs die natural death after few months 윈도우7 프로페셔널. Here is a fantastic blog post by Neil Patel on the reasons why blogs fail.

One of the biggest challenges every blogger face is to grow the readership which then provides fuel to the motivation to do even better Download The Restol Special Rescue Team. But how do you grow the traffic and subsequently build the email list?

I run a FIRE blog – 60to45 and have experimented a lot to grow traffic and build email list. I am going to leave out tactics like blogger outreach (for link building), keyword optimization (for on-page) etc as they take time to give results. The tactics covered in this post will essentially be about the mindset and then the steps that will yield quick results 무겐 19.

Here is a list of 5 tactics that I used on my blog with great success.

  1. 3:1 Ratio : This is a classic mistake made by almost every rookie blogger. They spend almost all their time on producing (quality) content thinking that content alone will bring them traffic. But Alas! If things were really so simple, every would be Neil Patel 키움증권 영웅문4. So the first tactic is about changing one’s mindset to consciously divide one’s time in the ratio of 3:1 i.e. one unit of time in producing content and 3 units of time in distributing that content. Until and unless that much time is actually spent on distributing the content, the only ticker in your analytics account will be yours.
  1. Love Quora : Quora is perhaps the most underloved platform when it comes to driving traffic v4 사전 다운로드. But trust me, one can drive crazy amount of traffic. Here is the proof.

All the peaks are due to Quora. Find questions related with your niche and start answering them leaving links to your blog. The trick is not to promote your blog on Quora but to answer the question in most natural manner La La Land free. And once you have done that, you will be surprised to see the result.

Quora is still the highest traffic generation channel.

  1. Get Crazy About Building Email List : This tactic is also about changing the mindset 인스타 동영상. Quite a lot of times during early days, bloggers shy away from putting the subscription box out in the open thinking no one will subscribe. The lack of confidence in delivering quality content to subscribers also acts as a hindrance sometimes. I urge all fellow bloggers to shed this shyness and go all out to (to the extent of being shameless) add that next user to your list. The only right time to start building the email list is NOW Download High School Musical 2. There are some nifty tools to do that; my favorite being Sumo.
  1. Implement Exit Pop-up : This particular tactic has actually worked wonders for me. My current subscriber list is 1000+ and out of this, around 15% has come from exit pop-up. The key to its success is to ask yourself – “Why would the user give you his/her email?” Once you’ve figured out answer to this question, you will design an offer he/she can’t refuse Download The Girl Wizard Parfait. (Remember Godfather?)
  1. Fire Those Email Cylinders : This tactic will not bring in any new subscriber but will keep the existing lot engaged. And trust me on this! An engaged user is better than 10 passive users. One might think to implement emails once a substantial subscriber base is achieved but as was the case with building list (in the first place), the right time is NOW 아크로니스 트루 이미지. This will help in 3 ways –

a.You will get real time feedback on your content to help you determine what does and does not work.

b.This will increase the ratio of old users to total users, thereby giving a positive signal to Google, which will eventually help with organic SEO.

c.Once a user comes back to your blog, there will be more chances of content amplification due to social shares.

I have used all these tactics on my blog and have grown monthly traffic to a respectable level. Are there any tactics you would like to share with me? Leave the comment and then let’s connect over conversation.

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Ankit Garg is associated with TFTH as a growth manager. He brings with him a rich experience of content driven SEO, product and team management. He is aiming for early retirement and blogs about FIRE at 60to45.

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