5 Unbelievable Social Media Productivity Hacks for Super-Smart Marketers

By on December 11, 2018

Now it seems, Instagram and Snapchat is becoming as vital as morning coffee. The buzzing and beeping sound of cellphones seem to be a part of us. Be it Millennials or Gen Z, everyone is looking for entertainment in the social space. In the world of digital living, where online friendships and followers are a growing trend, businesses are considering social media to get the word out.

Social media marketing is becoming fashionable. As per the facts, the technology that continues to be the most familiar to the Inc. 500 is social networking with 75% of respondents in 2009 claiming to be “very familiar with it”. Social media marketing, in general, requires a lot of effort. It is becoming a prime target when it comes to a successful business. According to a study of social media trends conducted by Winnipeg-based Sherpa Marketing, more Canadians follow brands than celebrities or news organizations on social media.

But social media marketing is hard! It may seem to be fairly simple but it is more difficult than it looks. It takes a lot of time and effort! Without beating around the bush, what’s the secret to insane productivity through social media? Social media productivity is somewhat a baffling term as frequently people get sucked into the wicked black hole of time. If you’re starting new with social media marketing or you’re one of those marketers whose social media campaigns are still struggling, these couple of tactics will transform your poorly performing campaigns into success stories.

Next-Generation Social Media Marketing

Here is what I recommend to make your social media marketing efforts flourish and triumph with better marketing results tied to real business goals.

  1. Don’t Lose a Track of Your Time

Every marketing activity should have a time limit. Many social media marketers keep track of their performance analytics but fail to be protective of their time. How much time does it take to put a strategy in place? How long does a process take to create and run? Make a time-sheet of your activities on a system like time-tracking tool highlighting all your processes; planning, implementing and measuring. Take your time-tracking seriously!

  1. Automate What Makes Sense

Who doesn’t want to give time to do things they love? With fast-rising technologies, automating activities is taking a life of its own. Automation is a method to set up a system to work whether you’re around or not. How do you automate your social media presence? A simple solution is using a tool that automates your activities and stays in conversation with your audience. There are various tasks you can automate, like:

  • Scheduling posts to go live automatically
  • Spreading new blog content to social media channels
  • Content curation at times
  • Sharing of older content
  • Non-urgent social media posts, and marketing flows
  • Drip campaigns
  • Onboarding series

Automation is not a bad word but an essential part of social media. Experts like Larry Kim believe in automating everything possible as a top social media productivity hack. This is a way to scale your marketing and make time for other strategies.

3. Never Stop Learning

To all marketers, I would say to always walk away with something learned. Don’t let your curious spark die out. Start small and keep on learning. The cycle of understanding, discovery, and action should never stop, instead, it should drive all of us to be a better marketer. You definitely don’t need to be a guru but at least learn the ins and outs of a successful marketing campaign. The more time you spend on social media, the more you’ll be exposed to try new things. Social media managers should be an expert on many topics like:

  • Garner the results people foam at the mouth
  • Skilled in using multiple social media tools
  • Solid research on potential audiences
  • Experienced in managing social media campaigns
  • Cognizant of the algorithms used by each platform
  • Vigilant experimentation and tweaking
  • Proficient in using web analytics tools
  • Stellar targeting tactics
  • Courage to think outside the box

Follow social media marketing industry experts on Twitter and develop relationships with people to drive the change.

4. Be Culturally Aware

The problem with culture often leads to creating boundaries that block us from understanding the behaviors of others. But there is always something going in the world. Being a culturally aware social media marketer is an easy-to-work-with concept in this industry.

Actually, social media platforms are big on culture. When you choose your social media platforms wisely, you’ll be able to take advantage of the cultural tidal waves that sweep the social media. Observe yourself carefully and also observe others. Those who follow the trend and promote it on social media, manage to get a huge advantage.
Here are some trends happening right now:

  • Live video content
  • Instagram stories
  • A way for consumers to speak to businesses
  • Paid advertisements
  • Influencer marketing is all the rage
  • Chatbots are becoming the norm
  • Virtual reality in marketing has become huge
  1. Get Personal, Show Something of Yourself

For a marketer, branding has two components, that is called lock (audience) and key (product or you). Before others create your brand image, create your own brand image to have more control. A good honest story for your audience will leave a permanent impact on the reader’s mind. It will make you more socially attractive. Using visuals to tell a multitude of stories can do miracles.

Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing can be hard work. But with these tips, you’ll be on your way to building your social media presence. It’s high time now you learn new tricks to help you on your way to social media glory.

What are your tried and tested social media tips that you love to follow for a productive social media marketer? Let us know in the comments!

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