5 Ways to Improve Your Video Content Strategy

By on May 31, 2019

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Although video marketing has been growing in prominence over the last decade, only in the last year or so has it seen substantial growth and recognition in the social media marketing sphere.

With no signs of slowing, video maintains its position as a rich medium that can deliver engaging, relevant and personable content easily 신의 지문. As a more easily digestible format than text, it increases passive engagement which lends itself to being useful every day.

With so many benefits with a format still yet to reach its peak, it’s no wonder that more businesses are investing in video content as part of a robust social media marketing strategy. But in 2019, how can companies accomplish this?

Identify Your Pillars 

If your video content marketing strategy is going to be ramped up considerably, consider identifying four or five pillars to shape your content around 스타크래프트 인공지능 패치. Alternatively, you could shape your content around your services.

Brainstorm ideas around these pillars, and think of how each pillar is represented through different parts of your business or products. These larger chunks of content can then be sliced into mini videos that make the most of your content.

Ask yourself who is involved in these parts of the business, who represents the brand pillars well, and what are their stories 무료 배경음악? How can their experience contribute to resolving pain points faced by your customers?

If one of your brand pillars is transparency, and your product is women’s denim, for example, then it would be worthwhile to invest in videos that show your customers how you source your materials, and give a behind the scenes looks at your stores.

Consider Your Marketing Funnel 

Once your content pillars have been established, you’ll need to frame them within the sales funnel to ensure your video ideas are targeting the right prospects Twenty-three.

Not only will you need to consider the stage of the funnel you are targeting with your video content, your videos will need to sit comfortably alongside existing content across all your social media marketing platforms.

If your focus is brand awareness, and are looking at a top of funnel strategy, videos welcoming new prospects to your brand are ideal 픽사베이.

As we progress down the funnel, video content should provide value that assists the prospect to know whether your product is right for them, or tips that can help build trust between both of you.

Once prospects reach the bottom of the funnel and are ready to take action, your content should be supporting them to do so 유튜브 컴퓨터.

If this is in the higher education space, for example, it could mean using videos to show students how to apply with a video walk-through, or how to enroll.

Give Your Audience What They Want

One of the best ways to enhance your social media marketing strategy is to actively involve your audience Linux Python. This encourages engagement and within algorithms such as Facebook’s, it substantially increases the reach of your content.

Be proactive here and ask your viewers directly, for example, through an Instagram story. Fans of your brand will engage readily and feel more involved when content they have requested is delivered back to them.

Your video marketing strategy will align with a customer-centered approach, so you will always give prospects the most valuable content 몬스터헌터4g 다운로드.

Use Data to Your Advantage

When we talk about our audience and brand pillars, it’s easy to get swept up with fun ideas and unique approaches. But if you’re not using data to inform your decision making, you run the risk of missing the mark completely.

The more data you can gather, and the more precise it is, the greater the potential for delivering content that resonates and is sharable Download your voice to show. Video marketing is an excellent tool for building audiences based on who watches your content.

By using data to identify who your prospects actually are, you can craft your videos to more closely resonate with personal circumstances and align it with your brand pillars.

Get Creative 

Now we’ve set ourselves up to create video content that is relevant and goal-oriented, start testing how viewers respond to different elements 워킹데드 시즌9.

The most obvious variables to experiment with are video length and content topic, however it is also worthwhile to observe how each video performs across social channels. What is effective on IGTV in a vertical format might not have the same success in a Facebook news feed.

Video catch ups with industry professionals might work well, but the ROI may not prove worthwhile for your goals or expectations. Each business is different, which means your digital marketing strategies and the rate of your investment in video will have to be tailored to your circumstances.

Put the effort in to get the basics right, and you’ll be off to a great start.

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