5 Social Media Books For Your Reading List

By on December 16, 2011

There are a lot of great books being published on the subject of social media these days. You need to build up your social library by adding these to your next reading list 또 오해영 7회. These books have been written by real pros in the industry, so you’ll want to make a note of them! Perhaps an early Christmas gift is in order?

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*Please note that we are in no way affiliated with these books, or will earn any revenue if you buy them Great Babylon. We just love them!

#1: No Bullshit Social Media: Jason Falls

No Bullshit Social Media was written by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers 웹 애플리케이션. This in your face rundown of the reality behind social media, is exactly what you need to sort out your jumbled social campaigns. It’s all business, and will help you realign your goals with qualified social media practices Download the return article.

Some highlights in the book include superb techniques on how to make money with social media, how to build your brand and manage your online reputation Download Taizen. All in all, this powerhouse of a book will get your social marketing where it needs to be!

#2: Launch: Michael Stelzner

Launch was written by none other than Michael Stelzner, the wildly successful businessman behind socialmediaexaminer.com 구름입력기 다운로드. It acts as a blueprint, teaching readers how to launch a business on the internet, and use social media to invite unprecedented growth in your future 디즈니 타잔 게임. If you’re looking for principles to live by, then this social marketing gem needs to find its way into your stocking this Christmas.

#3: The New Relationship Marketing: Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the leading experts on Facebook marketing in the world Crime City High Definition. She’s written numerous books, but none as enlightening as this one 컴퓨터 절전모드. Relationships are crucial in social media, and Mari explains exactly how you can take advantage of this to grow your online empire. Become an influencer and a thought leader by adding this book to your must-have list Hello Coco Mont.

#4: The Zen of Social Media Marketing: Shama Kabani and Chris Brogan

If you’re looking for one single social marketing book, that will take you through everything you need to know – then this book is all you’ll ever need. Written by a giant in the social marketing sphere, Chris Brogan shares with his readership how to capitalize on the changing social landscape, and learn to use the tools available today to sell, sell, sell.

#5: 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter: Editors of Geekpreneur

Twitter is a vital part of any social marketing plan, yet people struggle to make money off the site. That’s why this book by the folks over at Geekpreneur will help you monetize Twitter. Once Twitter becomes another big earner for you, you’ll see how easy it is to get ahead on the internet. Add it to your list!

The great thing about reading social marketing books, is that each marketer has found unique ways of using social media to their advantage. You can learn so much by employing these tactics in your own campaigns. Don’t miss out on a chance to improve your social knowledge – remember, knowledge is power!

Have you read a social marketing book lately that you’d like to recommend? Tell us about it!

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