5 Ways To Build Your Blog Readership

By on September 16, 2011

There is so much more that goes into running a blog, than simply writing and publishing blog posts. Being a blogger means that you need to figure out a comprehensive blog strategy for your site Download The Wise Bread Life. A large part of this strategy will be geared towards attracting and retaining an engaged blog readership. Here are 5 great ways to do this, for a successful, vibrant blog 매매계약서 양식 다운로드.

#1: Adding Multimedia To Blogs

A blog is not only made up of words and ideas. If there’s one thing you can bet on – it’s that at least half or more of your readers prefer multimedia 목격자 2018 다운로드. Adding images, infographics, video and slideshare presentations is an excellent way to gain new readers. Figure out innovative ways to include multimedia in your posts to enhance them or create posts based on singular images or videos Celeste.

#2: Institute a Blog Outreach Program

The most successful bloggers know that a blog without an outreach program, is like a movie theatre without ticket sales 나라문장 다운로드. Your blog is not an island. It needs to make friends with other blogs. That means approaching experts in your field and offering to write a guest post for them 위닝일레븐 2019. Or inviting them to write one for your blog. This will expose many readerships to your blog, and they will eventually become your readers too. If your blog isn’t good enough, get a makeover 웅장한 배경음악!

#3: Grow Your Facebook Fanbase

How does Facebook help your blog, you ask? A lot! Growing your Facebook fan base rapidly by adding in exciting apps and social games – can feed traffic directly to your blog in several ways 후와린. The most obvious being: adding a blog app to your page. Your blog roll will appear there and engage your Facebook fan base, turning them into long term blog readers 아날로그 웨딩. Viral sharing is key to great posts, and these happen most here.

#4: Use WordPress Properly

We don’t have to tell you that SEO is important – it makes the cyberworld go round 카운트다운 영상. But getting a good blog readership is also about driving traffic, so it’s time to take your WordPress SEO seriously. Categories, tags and meta-data are the core of each post you publish. These keywords need to be included in your post copy, so that Google and other search engines start to like your copy as well.

#5: Advertising The Easy Way

Everything online happens because somewhere, someone has taken the time to create adverts or promotional material about it. If you want to boost those numbers, you need to invest in a display or PPC advertising campaign – preferably both. Paid media is what separates amateur blogs from pro-blogs. And once yours is bringing in the huge numbers, you can sell ad space there for money.

These five simple steps will help you attract and keep a readership of attentive fans. They’ll visit your blog more often, subscribe to your feed and become a fan of your other social media pages. That’s what you want, and with this 5 step formula – you can have it! Test it out and tell us how it goes.

What one action that you performed resulted in a boost in readership numbers for your blog? Share your experiences with our community below.

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