6 Actionable Tips to Kick Off Your Corporate Blog in 2019

By on January 9, 2019

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Blogging doesn’t just refer to sharing and stories. Many companies feel it is necessary to have a blog centered around industry-related news and insights. Based on statistics from TechClient, companies that have their own blogs get 97% more inbound links from other websites 씨엔플러스.

A corporate blog is becoming one of the most effective online marketing tools that can significantly improve the company’s digital presence. Some businesses might still think that a blog has nothing to do with the number of sales, but if you are doing it right, your business’ blog can help you attract potential leads Download the middle school textbook pdf.

If you are working on your business blog right now, here are some essential blogging tips you can use to build solid digital presence:

  1. Make Sure Your Blogs are Relevant to Your Audience

The objective of creating a corporate blog is to make your target audience interested in what you have to offer and push prospects down the purchasing funnel. That is why you should focus on writing about topics that are relevant and interesting to your buyer persona.

Which subjects would be useful for them and what will make them consider your products and services 다빈치 다운로드? Make sure to keep in mind different buying stages. You need to create content for all of them: awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchases. If you are selling innovative makeup products, you can start with talking about new makeup trends to create awareness, share makeup looks and video tutorials to facilitate interest and consideration, review several makeup products to foster intent and evaluation, and finally talk about the products’ benefits to close that deal 윈도우8 그림판.

To know how to push your visitors through the funnel, answer these questions:

  • Who is your target demographic and what are their concerns or problems?
  • What are they looking for on the Internet and what is their search intent?
  • What information would be interesting to them?
  • Do you have any special knowledge or a unique angle to talk about the subject matter ahclient.dll 다운로드?
  1. Make a Content Plan

Plan your content in advance so you and your team always know what to blog about. Just like other strategies, creating blog content needs thorough planning.

Keep in mind dates that are important to your industry (family or professional holidays) and create relevant materials 손 the guest 9화. You can also prepare drafts beforehand and post them whenever you think it’s suitable.

Try to come up with original and innovative ideas that are relevant to what you are doing. For example: if you have a printing service company, you might want to share tips or tutorials about printing. Or if you have a fashion brand, give your visitors in-depth content about building a staple wardrobe Black Desert Client. Don’t forget to create content that is well-written in terms of readability and grammar.

  1. Monitor Your Competition

Competitors’ research is the essential thing to get the idea of what your target audience might enjoy seeing on your blog. Check what kind of articles they create and if they get enough visitors’ engagement. Use BuzzSumo, Kiss Metrics or SimilarWeb to see how your competition is performing Azuuniversity software.

Identify if there is any content you are missing and create something better than your competition has. But make sure you are keeping your article original and unique. To optimize the article for Search Engines, use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, or Ahrefs. It will help you a lot to figure out what kind of content and keywords have the potential to create high traffic 유성화원 2018 ost.

  1. Promote Your Posts Through Social Media

Producing high-quality content for your blog is important. But your work doesn’t stop there. To let your audience know about the piece of content you created, you need to promote it.

One way to do so is through Social Media Paladoc Bugpan apk. It could help your content to go viral. The majority of successful blogger’s claims that you need to spend more time on marketing, outreach, and networking than on creating a blog post. Besides Social Media, try reaching out to influencers in your field and ask them to share your materials. If your content is good enough, you can get amazing exposure and attract a lot of potential customers.

  1. Email Marketing is Still Important

If you think that email marketing is less efficient these days, you are wrong. In fact, statistics show that email marketing has the highest ROI among other online marketing efforts. While managing social media and outreach, you should never forget about email marketing.

By sending email newsletters you will let your subscribers know about your recent articles. Who knows, maybe that’s what your business lack to generate more sales?

  1. Analyze the Data

After some time, when you get enough data to see the performance of your blog, do the analysis. Track all the insights you can access: views, social media shares, dwelling time, bounce rates, and your readers’ interaction with your content. Figure out what kind of topics are the most popular on your blog. You can check the demographics of your blog’s readers: does your blog attract the right audience? With this information available, you can decide what kind of content that you will need to publish in the future and what kind of content shouldn’t be on your blog.

Having a business blog is a powerful marketing technique that can help you skyrocket your online sales. Do proper research, understand your customer, plan and execute the content marketing plan, and your blog will become your marketing ally.

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