6 Reasons How and Why Visual Clips Benefit Your Social Media Page

By on June 29, 2018

Did you know that approximately 2.62 billion people uses different platforms of social media? This is according to a report generated in the beginning of 2018 by Statista, a popular statistic website.  These social web forums are not just created to help people to engage in one on one sharing. They are equally beneficial for groups and companies to share their past, current, and upcoming posts. Users like and follow groups and pages created by different forums to get in touch with them for different reasons. When we are following someone else, we would like to view their respective posts. There are a number of posts which are uploaded frequently viewed. They involve news, newsletters, press releases, images, written materials, powerpoint presentations, visual clips, events, etc.

Amongthem, videos and visual images are the most popular content among users of all ages. There are many reasons that why and how visual clips are beneficial for social media pages and why people love to see videos as compare to text. Here are some of them.

1) Avoid Fear of Public Speaking

Many times I noticed that some folks feel hesitation when delivering a speech. When you invite someone on stage to speak for five minutes, he may stumble over his words, which is a sign that he has lost his confidence. However, he is a very skillful personality and can share something informative in very clear and convincing method. This is known as a fear of public speaking.

When a person can make a video for their social media users, they have a chance to practice as much as possible. They can create and delete videos until they are satisfied with the final result. Their appearance will look like they are addressing the crowd but actually there is only a single person behind the camera and, in some instances, there is no one. This means that they can develop a visual clip with confidence. With video, everyone can deliver a message well.

2) Convincing Becomes Easier & More Effective

Body Language plays an essential role in describing your point of view. Through gestures shown in visual clips, understanding becomes more effective. An experienced neurology teacher once said that while teaching the workings of the brain that “Nature of human wants to swift the mind in different situation but the theme must be similar. Attention over a concept becomes easier through this act i.e. shifting of mind. That’s why great mentor in their class taught a single concept with the help of different example and practical methods. Words themselves alone, cannot able to describe the point of view completely.” Book lovers can easily understands that the best assignment writer tries hard to use as smaller words, phrases or sentences so that they can come across with a clear understanding. Sometime it can take five minutes to read an entire page. At the same time, a similar target can easily be reached with less than a minute through visual segments. Therefore people love to create effective videos for their social media page while saving their audiences’s time.

3) New Generation Prefers Short Videos

People have families, friends, jobs, and more in their daily routine. Their schedule is tight and in some ways busier than people of previous generations. New generations appreciate short videos to easily digest ideas or concepts. Trailers for movies and shows may be released for the same purpose. It is my habit to see a movie trailer first. If it looks interesting, then I will plan to go to the cinema with friends.

4) Acquire Separate Attention & Trust

When we talk about social media pages representing companies, we have to consider their strategy. Companies want to show the product detail to every viewer and acquire trust. But accomplishing this goal is not easy. However, social media pages are the best way to describe the product, its benefits and relative details one by one. This is made possible by uploading a single video to the company’s social media page for its followers to see it on their profile wall. In this way, companies can gain the attention of every single follower, with the chance to convert the viewer into a customer. And the customer may convince other friends engage with the company as well.

5) Enhanced & Latest Comprehension Attracts Others

Visual clips influence visitors more than text. Therefore, to convey their message, social media managers create more videos. Video is a more effective, dynamic and interesting presentation. It is more concise and comprehensive. Visual presentation will have a positive impact on your social media page.

You must work hard to make visual segments dynamic & conceptional. For example:

  • Easy to understand words
  • Short sentences and phrases
  • An average vocabulary
  • Clear and attractive background
  • Language fluency and clear speaking voice
  • Appearance of narrator
  • Videos of short duration

If you take care for these things, I am sure that people enjoy it, and the video may go viral. You can also get help from YouTube, the largest video sharing platform in the world. Although there is debate about the pros and cons of YouTube videos you can gain a lot of insight from the platform.

6) Visual Testimonials Can Enhance Trust

People like read reviews posted by other people who have already used the same item. The purchaser can then make up their mind and decide to purchase the respective service or merchandise. According to a report generated in end of 2017 by a dissertation writing service provider: “An angry customer point out the finger over all good posted reviews and claims that all previous comments were fake or self-generated. However it is not a true judgment and statement. This is a very demoralizing situation in every business and services.” Usually a company did a great job or sold great products until that day. Among 100% customers, some may be happy, some satisfied and others angry. There is always the chance of human error or a misunderstanding problem on either side.

This issue will rarely occur for those who show provide visual reviews over social media pages. When customers talk about the good aspect of a product or service, the chance of leaving a bad review becomes less likely. Because they are the real faces behind the people who like the product.

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