6 Things To Avoid When Starting a Blogging Business #Blogging

By on February 12, 2014
starting a blogging business

Are you starting a blogging business soon? Wait! Before you begin, there are six things that you absolutely have to know to avoid – otherwise you could end up wasting your time 거래명세표 다운로드! Take a few minutes and read this post, and it will save you a lot of hours in the future. Blogging is all about knowing what not to do, so that you get the basics right 나와 호랑이님 다운로드.

When you are able to successfully avoid the common pitfalls of starting a blog company, you have a much higher chance of lasting longer than your first year Download Fifa11.

#1: The Rampant Overshare

It can be tempting to use your business blog as a personal diary, but whatever you do – keep your business grievances out of
your strategy 드래곤볼 신들의 전쟁. Never publish anything negative about anyone, or complain, gripe and rant about customers, readers or other companies.

You need to nip this one in the bud before starting a blogging business 영화 컨택트. During your planning process – plan to keep trouble out of your blog posts.

#2: Not Planning Your Content At All

Blog content should be planned and at least a portion of it created a week in advance, so that edits, additions or checks can be made Download up browser. This will improve the quality of your blog posts and give you time to find unique ‘extras’ that make your posts special.

Do not think for a second that starting a blogging business is not going to require any planning Pretty font. Blogging will take up a tenth of your time, the rest should be strategy.

#3: Being Completely Isolated on Your Blog

Blogs function best when there is an exchange of information – so invite other bloggers to guest post on your blog, and share posts with them on their blogs Cultu show mp3. You don’t want to only have posts from your team there – it’s too one sided.
Diversify the voices on your blog by sourcing original content from other bloggers 라이트룸 2018.

starting a blogging business

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#4: Being a Bossy, Know-It-All Type

Launching your first blog is a lot of fun, but millions of people do it every day 아이폰 네이버 메일. It does not make you some kind of guru on all things blogging, and it does not automatically make you the biggest expert in your area. Always maintain a humble attitude in your posts.

There will come a time when readers point out that you are wrong about something. Accept it, apologize and move on – you don’t know everything there is to know in the world!

#5: Thinking Images Are Just Extras

A big part of successful blogging is knowing how to work with images and visual content. Make sure that when starting a blogging business you have an image strategy as well!

#6: Dumping SEO Because of Bad Online Information

There are dozens of blogs that advise new bloggers to ‘forget about SEO’ because it will happen naturally. If you have 5 years to build a nice blog then great! For faster results however, SEO and keywords are still insanely important so don’t leave them out.

If you can avoid these six common mistakes, then you have a real shot of putting together a great blogging business. Establishing a blog that makes money is not easy, and it will take you at least a full year to get it off the ground. Plan for that early on, and nothing will hold you back. Starting a blogging business takes planning, time and dedication. Prepare for that.

What is your ‘big idea’ for a great blog business?

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