6 Tips to Jump Start Your LinkedIn Engagement

By on August 24, 2016

While LinkedIn seems to be the quiet horse in the stable of social media runners, passing the 400 million-user mark in February of 2016 makes it worth its oats. The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in cash also makes it a platform to watch.

Now, if you already have a LinkedIn profile but aren’t active, here are a few tips to help you get moving.

#1: Be Seen.

Set your LinkedIn Group to Open so that when there is activity in the group it will go to the main LinkedIn homepage screen and allow more people to like, comment and even share a post, which can lead to attracting new members.

#2: Interact.

One of the tools of LinkedIn allows you to email the people in your group. Obviously you’ll want to use this sparingly every 1-2 months to ask followers if they would comment on a particular topic or thread of interest to you. Used this way you will find that you’re generating hundreds of comments and creating more interest.

#3: Direction and Work.

You’ll want your group to benefit everyone that it can as well as yourself, so be clear about your focus and stick to it. Your group is not like mushrooms that you can leave in a dark place with no interaction and hope that weeks later something is still there. You have to put in the time, interact with members, and keep adding good content. Remember, this is to be an asset to your business, so promote it, be it online or in real life. Let them know how it has benefited you and how it will help them.

#4: Community Counts.

The core purpose of your group it is to build a community that benefits all. You want it to work around your service or brand, and as you grow in reputation you will find you can promote and sell to those in the group and others in the group will also be able promote what they have to offer. A reputation for providing good content and solid information will make this possible, and as always create more exposure for your group, and by extension, your brand.

#5: Be Different.

Sometimes if you leave water undisturbed it becomes stagnant, so don’t be afraid to create ripples with a subject that is designed to cause interaction. Remember, people talking are people creating interest.

#6: Early Days:

Finally, in your early days you want to generate as much interaction as you can by asking people easy-to-answer questions that engage them.  Simple questions such as what was the best thing they did on a recent weekend, what are their interests, if they have a pet, its name and how they came up with it, or things we do when we meet new people, will create subjects of interest which does not just push yourself and your brand, but provides opportunities to listen and engage with members of your group.

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