6 Changes We’d Like To See on Google+

By on November 1, 2011

The Google+ saga continues, so we thought a few ideas were in order. Feel free to add to this list, and maybe Google will see it and make the changes Easily download youtube. You never know! In the meantime enjoy our list of the 6 changes we’d like to see implemented into The Google+ Project.

#1: Sheering The Notification List

If you’ve been on Google+ for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the notifications come thick and fast – for everything Youth 98. If you comment on a post, you get every notification thereafter. If someone +1’s you, you get notified. When people add you, you get notified. Lists of names, actions and nonsense that really don’t have to be there 레볼루션 다운로드. It’s nice to know people are interacting with you. But then make it exclusive interaction, or pop in some control setting for this. It’s info overload gone wild Download the Rails file.

#2: Extreme Stream

The main news stream on Google+ is very disorganized. It has absolutely no filters like the Facebook edgerank system, that ranks updates according to relationships 짱구는 못말려 극장판 26기 자막. Instead, every time you scroll down to read something, and scroll back up again, the posts gone – replaced by new posts from a huge influx of people 슈츠 시즌1. When you follow thought leaders that post often, the endless scrolling really gets to you. How about a new algorithm that sorts this out?

#3: So Very Many People

Google+ has the potential to form huge communities, well beyond the average Facebook users 130 people limit Download the movie Kara. This is mostly due to the find people section on the circles page. It’s great to suggest people that we don’t know, Google, but having to click on each one of them to find out who they are – is mission impossible Ms Word free. Everyone likes to race to have highest numbers – so are we forming communities of useless people we don’t know? This system needs some streamlining fport 다운로드.

#4: The Games Issue

Google may not have realized it, but their brand continuation on Google+, makes the games section feel a bit…redundant Download hp pc driver. Why not do a normal Google search for games and play on other websites with a greater selection? Why should I play these generic games on Google+? They just don’t have the same appeal as Facebook games. If Google+ doesn’t do something to their games section, its going to fail.

#5: Complete Lack of Business Functionality

Yes, Google+ is working on getting the business functionality ready. But in the meantime, they’re losing users and people are seeing less and less value in the platform. Business features are what attract so many people to Facebook. Google needs to get moving on this sooner rather than later, or they’re going to miss their chance. And once it’s gone, they’re going to experience a MySpace-like meltdown.

#6: Limited Connectivity

At the risk of continually comparing Google+ to Facebook, Google+ lacks something rather large. When you arrive on Facebook, there are a million things you can do, waiting to be done. Playing, shopping, chatting searching pages, finding groups to join – enjoying the social atmosphere. Google+ doesn’t have this. The platform feels hopelessly limited. There’s not much to do, but interact with people, and that’s not always what people want to do. Perhaps some deeper layers Google+?

Do you have any suggestions here? We’d love to hear your comments!

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