6 Facebook Applications For Increased Community Interaction

By on January 13, 2011

Have you ever wondered why some Facebook business pages are so much better than others? For some strange reason, people are all about customizing their Twitter and LinkedIn pages, but forget that their Facebook pages can also be tweaked and perfected c1pro 다운로드.

Facebook Applications

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If, like many businesses before you, you find your Facebook page lacking that little something extra – then you need to discover the world of applications Download the history of your visit! These apps make the difference, and can take your pages from boring to brilliant in no time.

Here are our top 6 Facebook apps that will improve community interaction on your business pages 2020년 달력 다운로드!

#1: The Payvment App

Ever wish that you could sell your products on Facebook for free? Now you can, with this e-commerce storefront app Download hrd-net. It’s easy to set up, and in a few short minutes you’ll be selling straight from your Facebook business page. Now your ads will be twice as effective Download Web Leap Gothic 130! Simply find it in the apps section, click and install. Instant Paypal sales.

#2: The LinkedIn App

You spend time and effort building your LinkedIn community, so why shouldn’t you get credit for it on Facebook as well 코코 한글 자막? Link your Facebook business page with your LinkedIn account, and get a lively two way street going – where LinkedIn users post on your Facebook page, and your Facebook community joins your LinkedIn network coverity 다운로드.

#3: The SlideShare App

Sometimes you need something special for your Facebook community to comment on and interact with – and nothing works better than a colorful slideshow of relevant, important information Hello Kitty Cafe. Upload presentations, portfolios and videos to bring your Facebook page to life. Your community will appreciate the added effort.

#4: The SocialRSS App

If you want your blog and Facebook page to be popular, then you’ll need the SocialRSS app 400자 원고지 다운로드. As always, the goal is to sell your products and services – and the only way to do that is to get your community talking. They can subscribe, comment and interact with your blog from Facebook with this handy little app Download The Plant Vs Zombies.

#5: The Static FBML App

The king of all customization apps, Static FBML allows you to integrate HTML onto your Facebook business page. That means you can create your own content, competitions, promotions or announcements – for the benefit of your community. They’ll love answering that new poll, you’ll love seeing your stats increase.

#6: The My Office App

Don’t forget about your own office community! This app will allow your team members to share projects, documents and more – all from their Facebook pages. It’s like a mini basecamp on Facebook, so you know it’ll come in handy if you’re looking to boost communication over long distances.

These 6 apps will help your community interact with your business on Facebook. Once they understand that you have a real presence on the network, and that you are working to improve your user interaction – they won’t mind posting, buying or voting on your business pages.

Are there any other apps out there that would help boost community interaction? Drop us a line and let us know about it!

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