6 Tips Used By McDonald’s To Keep Their Fans Engaged

By on November 18, 2011

McDonalds may be a controversial fast food restaurant, but it remains one of the largest and most popular in the world. With more than 11 million Facebook fans, they had to come up with methods to keep these fans engaged and sharing across multiple networks 삼성 바이오스. So today, we’re going to give you 6 McDonald’s inspired tips on how to keep your fans engaged on your social profile.

#1: Cross Promotion With Facebook Apps

One of the most notable and successful features on the McDonalds Facebook page, is their ‘The Quest’ app 리눅스 nmap 다운로드. It serves several purposes and promotes cross promotion across Facebook and Twitter. Fans play a game on their Facebook application, unlocking various product based incentives Download Drama Nine. Then they are encouraged to share their achievements using a unique Twitter hashtag. Top marks for cross marketing!

#2: Social Game Involvement

Everyone plays Cityville on Facebook, so McDonalds decided to include a virtual restaurant that fans can add to their city 교육 게임 다운로드. Best of all – it comes with incentives. When you master your virtual McDonalds restaurant, you get rewards and bonuses. This is superb social marketing, integrated with a game fans love to play Chinese input. McDonalds likes to be where their target demographic is, even in the virtual world Ativ.

#3: Personalized Replies on Twitter

McDonalds isn’t your typical faceless corporation, it has a voice on Twitter Download the dream house. With over 189 000 followers, the team managing the McDonalds Twitter page, still has time to reply to individual questions, comments and compliments. Speaking directly to your customers is a great way to ensure that they continue to speak to you gta 5 무료 다운로드. It’s not all about auto-tweets, promotion and scheduled content.

#4: Community Involvement

McDonalds is beginning to include their fan bases in marketing decisions, by running competitions, polls and gathering votes 원피스 사우전드 스톰. A great example is their voice of McDonald’s competition. McDonalds employees sing, and the fans vote. Excellent for promotion, and even better for social interaction on the internet 시력검사표.

#5: Video Sharing

McDonalds has dozens of Youtube channels, for individual products, stores or made by fans. Their videos enhance their other social sites, and showcase McDonald’s employees. People are far more likely to interact with a company on Facebook or Twitter, if they promote the actions of real people. They get comments, likes, tweets and more, in excess. Perhaps it’s time to put some faces to your business name?

#6: Widening Their Social Reach

The McDonalds Facebook page also includes a non-English application for the Hispanic population. Clearly a large portion of their demographic, McDonalds felt it necessary to give these fans the chance to engage in their own language. The lesson here is to widen your social reach across language barriers!

Use these 6 tips to inspire some genuine sharing and engagement the next time you’re looking for ways to make your fans happy. McDonald’s is definitely a leader in pioneering the use of social media for sales, community and open engagement. Overall we have to say – we’re lovin’ it!

Which tip did you find the most useful from our McDonalds expose? Leave your favorite below, and tell us why you think it’s the best.

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