8 Must Do’s When Pitching Your Guest Posts

By on March 8, 2017

1. Create An Epic Subject Line

On average a well known website can receive as much as 20 pitches per day, sometimes more.  That’s not including the other emails relating to their business, projects and clients 현수막 디자인!

The subject line should grab their attention or they ain’t even going to open it.  A technique I use is to write: Guest Post Pitch: [Name Of My Article]

For example, if you were pitching the title, What Is Guest Blogging 짱구 13기 다운로드.

Your subject line would read: Guest Post Pitch: What Is Guest Blogging

Open rates do depend on how well you have titled your post however, if you’ve written quality content your title should be enticing enough for someone to want to find out more 파워밀.

Something especially lovely I like about this technique is, just by opening your email they have half opted in to your post topic.  They are already interested and so, far more likely to follow up and ask to read your post Lovelogie.

2. Use Their Name

It doesn’t take very long to browse over to the about us page, find out their name and address them in the email Free national gymnastics.  But still, so many pitches forget this! Just out of common courtesy, please take the 30 seconds to address your email to a human being.

(plus it will also increase the odds of getting a yes)

3 Download Kung Fu Panda 2. Keep It Simple

Don’t write an essay.  Don’t talk around the topic.  Don’t pretend like you’re the persons bestest best friend Football Manager pc.  The person you are emailing isn’t stupid, they are busy.  If you’ve written good quality awesome content it will add value to their site so they want to hear from you Microsoft hardware.  But they don’t want their time wasted.  So treat them with respect and get to the point.

4. Be Nice

It doesn’t hurt to mention something about the author like a post you liked or some of their work you have seen 한반도의공룡. Don’t go overboard here, unless you have genuinely been following them for 5 years don’t say I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!

Apart from it just appearing desperate, it’s also not good to lie – didn’t your mum ever teach you that Free download of Overwatch Hack?

You can tell them about one of the posts they wrote on a topic you are interested in.  Or crack a joke about their latest funny tweet.

5. Tell Them Who You Are

No-one is going to publish a post from someone they don’t know or trust. And the ones that do – you don’t want to be published there.  So always let them know who you are and link to your website, if you have a great social media profile to showcase, link their too.

Showing a bit of social proof can go a long way in attracting a partnership.  They are hoping you are going to share your post after it’s published right!

6. Explain What They Will Get Out Of What You’re Offering

This is something which 80% of pitches fail to achieve.  Don’t spend the entire email going on about how amazing you and your content is.  Let them know what value they will get out of it.

Things like; I’m going to share this with my audience of xxxx people / I’m going to make sure it hits all of the right SEO notes / I can provide a unique perspective from my own experience, something no-one else has experienced.

7. Call To Action

Make sure you include a call to action at the end of your email.  Something like – “let me know what you think and if it’s a fit”.  It doesn’t need to be hugely detailed but make sure that the reader knows what the next step is.

8. Show Examples

If you have examples of past (epic) blog posts you have published, include them in the pitch. It always helps if you have proof that your content gets commented on and shared!

If you don’t have any previous guest posts, or none you can write home about – then how about your blog?  Do you have a piece of content that has done really well?

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