7 Ways to Measure Social Media Engagement

By on November 17, 2017

Any statistic or metric can be measured in no less than a million ways. Social media engagement is no different. Measuring your engagement will allow you to target your efforts and provide worthwhile content that will keep your audience loyal 코난 데스크톱. Don’t just assume you’re doing well – take some measurements, and use them to improve your strength.

  1. On a Surface Level

Some kinds of engagement are so plain as day that anyone can see them 아스트로 apk. These are your likes, shares, and comments. Those numbers pop up directly on your posts. You’ll know if you went viral – you’ll see the tens of thousands of shares and an influx of people who were drawn in by a post 류망의생 다운로드. For content that doesn’t require a call to action, these numbers might be all you need.

  1. Through Reciprocity

Do you give a lot more holiday gifts than you get 인기동요 300곡? If you do, this might give you the impression that you don’t matter as much to others as they matter to you. The same goes for followers. If you’re following 10,000 accounts and only 3,000 are following you back, it’s plain as day that your interactions aren’t meaningful enough to draw in and retain an audience Download the Law of Creation. It’s a surefire sign that your strategy isn’t working Download The Musical Empress.

  1. Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Brands often use paid advertisement tools offered by social media platforms in order to increase the size of their audience dialux. How much are you spending per person who has made a valuable connection with you? Is that result much different from the people you’re reaching organically 매직 아레나 다운로드? If you’re spending too much per person, you’ll need to adjust your campaign strategy.

  1. Meaningful Growth

How many followers are you drawing in on a weekly basis 구글 플레이스토어 다운로드? How many are you losing? How does that correlate with your efforts to reach out to people? Are you creating content that they don’t like, or are you simply not creating enough content Download the radio era now? Adjusting these rates may require the help of someone who has professionally learned customer engagement. This person will be able to determine all of the correlations and solve the problem.

  1. Who Is Actually Involved?

You could have ten million followers, but if only ten thousand of them regularly interact with you, the rest don’t count for much. Follower count is important, but it’s not the be-all end-all way to measure whether or not your efforts are worthwhile. Make sure you know who is actually a part of the conversation, versus who merely clicked a button.

  1. What Are They Saying Behind Your Back?

Your audience can tag or mention you in posts of their own. Some of these people might be talking about great experiences they’ve had with you, but others might be complaining about an experience they feel was subpar. Look at who is mentioning you, and respond to what they’re saying. Even a negative post is an opportunity for you to provide excellent customer service on social media.

  1. Are You Reaching Who You Want to Reach?

If most of your customer base is males between the ages of 18 and 30 but most of your followers are females between the ages of 13 and 18, you have the wrong audience. They can engage all day long, but their engagement is unlikely to result in a meaningful conversion. Posting great content doesn’t mean much if the content is only great to people who wouldn’t benefit from your products or services. Check out what the people in the proper demographic interact with the most, and make more of that.

Even if there appears to be a problem with your engagement, there’s a solution from every angle. All you need to do is listen, be proactive, and understand what your customers want. As long as you provide that, more will show up.

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