7 Inspiring Social Media Success Stories

By on February 16, 2012

It’s always great to hear a genuine success story, so today we’re bringing you the seven most inspiring social media success tales. These brands have managed to seize control of their social campaigns and make a real impact on their businesses ipad youtube 다운로드. Take a moment to read about them, and be inspired!

#1: The Coconut Bliss Tale

Coconut Bliss is a small organic ice cream company that went the extra mile to make their products popular via social media Download Lenovo Vantage. Using a combination of great fan photos and competitions, they managed to grow their social communities rapidly. They now enjoy thousands of followers, and their product sales are up, up, up 타임가드!

#2: The IdeaPaint Story

IdeaPaint sells a special kind of paint that changes walls into dry erase writing spaces. They used their Facebook page to build a real presence online Autocad 2010. With a fun interactive welcome tab, coupons, blog feed and videos that explain their product, IdeaPaint has grown exponentially as a B2B business.

#3: The NeenahPaper Adventure

NeenahPaper sells paper products, but sales were dwindling and old school forms of finding business were not working Download Microsoft Office 2016. They decided to use Twitter to source new business and the rest is history. Now they have 10 sales reps all over the country that chat to people on their Twitter page, where they always find great clients 아이튠즈 12.0.1.

#4: The Banez Insurance Agency

Banez Insurance Agency insures local farmers in California. They used the Facebook like button as a tool for charity coreaac directshow filter. For every like they received, they donated money to The March of Dimes. They also made effective use of the photostrip, added links to their sites and built powerful sales tabs into their Facebook business page Workbench.

#5: The Ana White Story

Ana White is a female carpenter, who has built a large following for herself on social media sites 윤식당2. This is thanks to her innovative use of ‘do-it-yourself’ tips on Facebook and her blog. She also harnessed the power of fan interaction by inviting fans to post pictures of their creations mssql 2012 express 다운로드. An excellent conversation starter for a busy blog.

#6: The Mark Scribner Tale

Mark Scribner is a financial advisor at Morgan, Stanley, Smith and Barney. As an investor he took an interest in LinkedIn, for the business network. One day he noticed that an acquaintance had checked out his profile. He followed up, and ended up winning a $2.6 million 401 rollover account.

#7: The Easy Lunchboxes Story

Easy Lunchboxes is a company dedicated to getting children to eat healthier food. They’ve had fantastic success from their innovative blog and extended that success to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. The most notable feature is their Youtube feed, which offers a running ‘television’ series that is updated all the time.

Social success is waiting for you! It’s worked for these brands, now you just need to figure out how to use social media to boost your business growth. Good luck!

Have you had some social media success? We’d like to hear your story below!

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