7 Peculiar Ways To Use Facebook Groups

By on March 5, 2012

Crunch time has arrived. But your Facebook fan page just hasn’t made any money! Perhaps it’s time to start a group? Facebook groups are proving to be a powerful way to promote your brand and boost your sales 국기에 대한 경례 다운로드. Today, we have 7 particularly peculiar ways for you to harness the power of your Facebook group. Use these tips to sell, expand, and make an impact on Facebook 또오해영!

#1: Your Ultra Personal Group Videos

Savvy group owners are taking advantage of the Facebook groups function by creating viral ‘who else should be in this group’ videos hiyobi 이미지 다운로드. Make them funny, witty, personal and enticing – but give people a real reason for wanting to share your group with their personal network of friends 인텔리 j.

#2: Community Run Posting

If your group members won’t listen to you, maybe they’ll listen to a friend of theirs. All you have to do is offer great incentives to group members who add sales content or reviews to your group 파츄콘. Then publish a post announcing that (name) won a free gift for their excellent review of your product. One or two of these a month will do wonders for your interaction levels dji assistant!

#3: Start a Weird Photo Competition

Get your group members to participate in a weird photo competition, where they find unusual uses for your product Download The Noeugene Politics Cafe. Ask them to snap a quick cell phone pic, along with a description of what they’re doing – then launch a poll to get your community to vote on which weird idea was the best 그대없이는 못살아 다운로드. Winner gets a hamper, or something really nice.

#4: Host Regular Community Meet-Ups

We’ve seen some small businesses do incredible things with their Facebook groups, by hosting a small meet-up every month 연합뉴스. Just one of these meet-ups can result in a huge interaction boost on your group, as you and your members add photos, videos and content, promoting the event BookBook YouTube. Sales will increase naturally as group members love the fun brand centric activities or talks you plan for them.

#5: Host Regular Virtual MashUps

Announce a time and date for your group members to be on your group page – then host a mashup! Post images for people to change, or text posts that people can complete, and interact by sharing ideas. These mashups have been very successful for female orientated brands. Women love to add in their 2 cents!

#6: Convert Sales Talk into Social Talk

Group brands are finding suggestions way more effective than ‘buy this’ posts. Upload a product image and lead with: I love this because…or something similar. You can also challenge members to do specific things with your product, and add their very own suggestion posts to your group.

#7: Be More Than Your Brand

It’s all about your community, so become a community sponsor! Get involved in relevant issues that affect your members, and make a strong case for why you support this cause. Even if members have nothing to say about your products, they’ll love how you care about people, and not just ‘things.’

Do you know of a peculiar way to use your Facebook group? We’d like to hear about it below! Leave your comment!

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