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By on November 22, 2013
automated email marketing services

Automated email marketing services give the small business social media manager the opportunity to automate part of their email marketing strategy to save time, effort and of course – valuable resources (like money!) 도라도라도라. Today I’m taking some time to explore the world of email marketing services, and which of them best automates your repeat business.

Oracle recently reported that emails sent per 1000 contacts has grown by 42% over the last 5 years itunes 도구 다운로드. I have thousands in my inbox, proof enough that email is alive and kicking.

#1: SimplyCast

One of the best automated email marketing services available today, SimplyCast focuses on social integration while offering comprehensive automation tools that we love clover configurator 다운로드. Great templates, a drag and drop interface AND highly responsive support staff.

#2: Active Campaign

My second favorite automated email marketing services come from Active Campaign, with a simple interface, lots of tools, support AND great scalable pricing Download Shima.'. In fact, small business social media managers can start using it for free, until they reach 2,500 contacts.

#3: Act-On

Pricey automated email marketing services, but still one of the best cudaminer 다운로드. When your small business gets serious about tracking, lead management, social campaign management, CRM integration and automation marketing – Act-on makes things happen Nirvana.

#4: Click Dimensions

A surprisingly great system that offers lots of tools and empowers small business owners to manage their customer relationship strategies via automation, simply and effectively 내pc지키미 4.0 다운로드. However, again not the most affordable option in the world.

#5: HubSpot Email Marketing

High conversion automated email marketing software that is brilliant to use, but fairly expensive, and works on a per month payment system 링크티비 영화 다운로드. If you’re willing to pay though, you get an inbound marketing email program that makes you serious money.

automated email marketing services

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#6: Exact Target

A marketing automation leader, Exact Target is part of the Salesforce group, and they know a thing or two about automated email marketing services Download the Summer's War macro. Plan, personalize and optimize your emails with this paid service. The result can be staggering!

#7: Vertical Response

Super easy email marketing with the option to test the program for 30 days for free first, which is just enough time to realize that it works 마도십병 다운로드. They also offer pay as you go options which tend to suit the cash strapped small business owners. A must-try.

#8: Infusionsoft

An absolute leader in automated email campaigns, but not the cheapest option. Still, if you’re looking to expand and convert your list aggressively this is the software that will do it. Made for small businesses and ease of use, and particularly great for e-commerce lead generation.

There are many routes to take when first choosing your automated email marketing services. Look for scalable pricing, consistent delivery, real support 24/7 and the simplicity of the tools and processes offered. No small business social media manager wants to struggle with an advanced email tool that takes 6 months to learn.

Automated email marketing is a big part of keeping in touch with your buying public. What challenges have you faced manually preparing your email marketing campaigns?

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