The 8 Best HTML Wedding Website Templates to Choose for Your Site

By on March 14, 2019

Nowadays, people are using digital wedding cards and wedding websites for invitations. While a wedding is the occasion of two people coming together to take vows of love, unity and partnership, it is also an event to invite family and friends to celebrate the occasion. A wedding website has become an important means of invitation and announcement of wedding. Through the use of a website, important details regarding a wedding, such as venue details, date for ceremonies, etc can be conveyed to friends and family easily. Plus, it is also helpful for collecting RSVP from guests.

By using a website, you can do something different for your wedding which also might be cool and new for your friends and family. In this post, we will discuss some of the most beautiful HTML wedding website templates to build a pretty and appealing marriage invitation website for your wedding.

  1. Glanz

It is a single page wedding website template which is completely responsive. The template is very great for engagement announcement or wedding invitation. This template comes included with different styles for the invitation of event along with wedding date count down timer. There are several beautiful styles including parallax background and floral patterns. Besides wedding websites, this template is also very useful and suitable for businesses like wedding flowers, wedding cakes, and wedding planners.

  1. Lovely Wedding

It is the finest wedding template which is powered by HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Lovely Wedding is a responsive template that adapts easily to mobiles and desktops alike, and offers new-age look and appearance. Every site built with this wedding website template looks awesome and elegant. Lovely Wedding template offers RSVP form, blog pages, sweet event’s details, masonry gallery and more. It allows changing default color, autoplay songs, writing compelling story and more.

  1. Wedding

Wedding is a free HTML5 template for creating appealing wedding sites. The HTML5 based template is powered by Bootstrap technology and it has elegant and modern design with subtle animations. Besides a timeline for placing couple stories, there is also a section for adding photo gallery in the template. It is easy to edit the template and add details like dates and ceremonies.

  1. Nuptial

It is another free wedding website HTML5 which is built with Bootstrap framework. With a simple and beautiful design, it has many exciting features like parallax effect, date countdown, sticky navigation and more. This template also features a blog section, where you can share stories about the couple.

  1. myWedding

You can build awesome wedding website with myWedding template that everyone will adore and admire. It is completely responsive and adapts easily on mobiles and desktops. With an elegant look and charming appearance, it leaves a wonderful impression on the guests. Having a numerous features, it serve as an outstanding means of invitation. The template supports all major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. With its in-built Google Maps feature, you can ensure that there are no late arrivals. All the wedding attendees can get pinpoint location to your wedding ceremony and reception.

  1. Happy Couple

Looking for an awesome template for your wedding website? Happy Couple is indeed may give you what you want. This amazing HTML template makes your wedding special by letting you build the perfect marriage site. Its features let you share all necessary details about wedding to your guests with breeze. Plus, the inbuilt Google Maps tool allows the guests to proceed to the venue easily. This template is fully responsive which makes it easy to be browsed from mobile and desktop alike.

  1. Forever

Forever is an amazing and clean HTML wedding template which is suitable for creating engagement announcement or marriage invitation websites. It is loaded with a lot of excellent features including a countdown timer, couple timeline, RSVP form, gift registry, background music, location map, details of bridesmaid and groomsmen and more. Being a responsive template, it is optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed easily from those devices.

  1. Liebe

It is another beautiful and excellent HTML wedding website template which is built using Bootstrap Framework. The layout of the template is fully responsive which enables it to render well on both mobiles and desktops. Liebe template offers a countdown timer which allows guests to know the exact time of the wedding. The template offers two 2 headers one with a picture wall and the other one with slideshow. There are 3 ready-to-use color presets and you can also create your own. Couples can easily personalize by adding their favorite colors. It is a good template to make customization quickly and easily. Apart from this, it also offers filterable gallery, Google Web fonts, flower illustration, and Google Map with a custom maker.


A wedding is the most important event of one’s life and it shouldn’t be easily forgotten. That’s why couples all around the world do different things to make this special event more special. Using a wedding website for invitations is one way to make your wedding memorable. Today, people search for HTML wedding website template to make their wedding website easily. By using these templates, the outstanding websites can be built without much effort. These templates come with different features and customization options that allow couples to build a perfect website that makes their wedding special and provides a unique way of invitation for friends and relatives.

From setting colors, filling venue details to configuring wedding timer, these website templates can do a lot of things for you. They ensure that all the attendees of your wedding reach on the right place and on the right time and give you their blessings. Due to responsive layout, they are also able to render on mobile devices. These templates enable you to make appealing and elegant wedding website that shares details about your marriage to the guests and reminds them of the event as well.

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