8 Tips To Write Highly Interactive Content

By on April 1, 2012

We all need to spend some time each month learning how to make our writing more engaging – and that’s what this post is all about. Highly interactive writing will leave your fans wanting more, or better yet – asking for more Download Dragon Rise. If you want to figure out how to make your writing catchy and interactive, then here are my top 8 tips.

#1: Find Debate Then Engage Your Community

There are always hot debates happening in a specific niche, and you need to find out what yours are 윈도우 톰캣. Then use them to engage with your fans. Ethical, moral or theoretical debates can draw people in, and will make them want to join the conversation.

#2: Quiz Your Community of Problem Solvers

Ask your community to solve quiz-like problems, by giving them a real world issue, and asking them to find the solution 워크래프트3 맵. This works best if you speak in first person. Jenny only has $200.00 per month to spend on advertising – what should she invest in?

#3: Make Your Questions Vivid By Example

Use vivid examples to illustrate your point, when you’re trying to engage your audience 빠샤메카드 다운로드. Don’t be afraid to ask your fans for help, or to admit that you’ve made mistakes. Your fans will sympathize, and offer their advice on what to do next java jvm 다운로드.

#4: Write with Creative Flair

Your fans appreciate a bit of humor or creativity in their favorite brands, so hone in on it Download Logitech Setpoint. Instead of saying it was ‘cold as ice’ use interesting or funny descriptions to liven up your tone. Being witty means finding unusual ways to describe average things Download Norazo Superman.

#5: Use The Rule of Three in Your Writing

The rule of three involves using structures of three to improve your writing Nero 8. Use three examples, three bullet points, three anecdotes in an article. People process information in threes, and it makes a powerful statement when you use them Cool School video.

#6: Be Controversial

If everyone is raving over the new Facebook functionality, post a blog about its faults, or the problems it’s causing in the community Baseball Mogul. Being controversial is a great way to attract interaction – you’ll get a lot of agreement and a lot of disagreement. Both are wins!

#7: Be Personal, In a Meaningful Way

Be personal with your communities. Add personal stories that enhance what you’re speaking about. But don’t be too personal – it has to be done within reason. Don’t use your pages to complain, rave or behave like you do with your private networks, that won’t work.

#8: Include Other People

Speak to people by name, and comment on their writing, on their pages and in their communities. You have to be a mobile authority, not someone who is only interested in running their own pages. Get others involved, by being involved on their turf.

These 8 great tips will keep your fans engaged and interacting with your content. And don[‘t forget the first rule of writing – be authentic!

Which tip do you find the most useful? Tell us why you think it will work in your niche.

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