9 Reasons Why Google Plus Sucks (In a Good Way!) #Google+

By on January 7, 2014
Google plus sucks

So, Google Plus sucks. That’s what I have been hearing non-stop from the blogosphere lately. I was once disillusioned by Google myself, but came around when I realized the glaringly obvious truth about the platform. Today I’m going to do something different…I’m going to tell you why Google Plus sucks, in a good way.

The closer I get to Google+ the more I realize just how brilliant it actually is – just hear me out and you might find that your negative view becomes a positive one!

#1: Google Plus sucks because they integrated their comment system on YouTube and ruined the entire experience. On the other hand, I have had more meaningful business discussions using Google+ comments than anywhere else online – I hope it filters over to YouTube.

#2: Google+ is the worst giant corporation in the world, ever! Yet they continue to create new innovations in social technology that are making social marketers like you, richer. Just look at Google Glass.

#3: Google Plus sucks because it’s exactly like Facebook. It’s not like Facebook at all, it’s where the Facebook developers and marketers would go if they wanted a techy social network. Plus there are no Candy Crush invites.

#4: Micro blogging is just starting out and works best on Google+. I am talking about 150 word micro blogs, not 160 character tweets. Longer, short posts are very powerful on the platform and they just don’t work as well on Facebook.

Google Plus Sucks

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#5: If you hate Google Plus because of the old design, their new one is actually quite nice. Yes, it’s still white – but interestingly it functions better on mobile and makes engagement easier from tablet devices.

#6: Google Plus sucks because it has no unique functionality? Hangouts has become one of the easiest ways for small business social media marketers to create interesting content that can be uploaded to YouTube for traffic. Ease of use may not be unique, but it converts.

#7: Google+ is horrible for social networking, and yet brilliant for dividing influencers that you want to know into segmented blog community networks. For bloggers this is an indispensable service and something that does not exist on Facebook.

#8: Google Plus may be terrible for your friends, but the conversions there are now much higher than on Facebook, since the recent ‘conversion crash.’ Images I find, are larger and get shared much more often – with a nice SEO boost too!

#9: Finally, Google+ may not be as ‘cool’ as Facebook, but it was built by people that understood functionality. Social media marketers would be wise to join now, and figure out their own unique ways of using the platform for business benefits.

There you have it, nine reasons why Google Plus sucks in a really nice, useful – thanks for all the free functionality, kind of way. I am not griping about the issues it has, but rather choosing to explore it, understand it – and succumb to the inevitable truth that all social media marketers will need to be there in the next 2 years. It’s Google people!

What do you think? Does Google Plus suck or is it kind of awesome?

About John Souza

John Souza is founder and chief strategist of SMMU and Social Media Impact, and is a bestselling business author. He won the 2011 Tech Marketing Awards ‘Social Media Marketer of the Year’ and most recently the About.com Reader’s Choice Award for Best Online Education Site. John has appeared on The Michael Gerber Show, and his business has been honored at the Mashable Awards, Forbes Business Awards and The Stevie Awards.
  • faiwest

    to two things wrong

    1)google is much more popular than facebook

    2)you have to google +1, at least not if you want to put them fail google+

    • narl

      facebook is way more popular then google+

      • AAG_1

        Google is the world’s famous search engine, so Google+ will be more more popular than Facebook, I see; All my friends are gone from Facebook. Now they’re using Google+! Also Google+ doesn’t suck! It’s very cool. I can edit my name, and make a page that look like any famous YouTuber, Also You can receive notifications about replies to your comments or comments on your videos. The worst thing in Google+ is you can only “+1’d” pages, Not profiles.. 🙁

        • AAG_1

          Also in Google+ in YouTube, There’s no limit for how Characters or letters you used! You can type like how you want!!

  • mm

    my problem with google plus is that my youtube and everything else is now connected by force. and i used to be able to look pages back into comments but now there is the “show more” button, and even then if i keep clicking it there is a limit to how far back i can go.

    • James

      Click “All Comments”.

  • Brandon Roberts

    i like my youtube account (i have nothing up) and my gmail but facebook no need to fear no literally no reason to be scared of google sucks

  • David

    Google plus is great and really functional. I really like how you can share different things with different groups of people and the hangouts sound really cool. That said, no one I know really uses it so what’s the point of using social media by yourself. Facebook is terrible, but everyone uses it because it came first and no one wants to “convert” by themselves.

  • am0s

    To me, the greatest flaw is that G+ doesn’t allow the illusion of privacy, nor limit “circle” members. It is one thing to follow someone’s public posts, but not everything posted online should be for all eyes to see. I also do not like the automatic connection between services like utube and g+. If you want something shared, share it, but not automagically.

  • Zwzel+

    I see nothing wrong with google+. I love it. You might hate me forever, but facebook is a bag of shet. There. I said it. Im done.

  • giorgi

    “google +” is better than facebook.i want to use it but,my friend’s 99,99% are using facebook. when you will comment at some youtube video,you must uncheck box named “Also share on Google+”.that is all 🙂 and your comment will not share on google plus.

  • billy b thornhall

    Google+ needs to accept the fact almost nobody wants to use it and even less with force. Facebook is for free and no force is applied or shown.

    I personally hate G+ because it is getting in my life without me actually wanting it there (like Youtube comments and such). If it would be a free choice like picking your custom mailbox, then whatever.

  • Google

    Everything alse sucks too

  • Marinus H.B. Vesseur

    This article and the minimal response to it seem to illustrate that Google+ actually sucks.

  • Crunchy

    It’s called ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’
    There’s a saying about that cause it’s not always a great idea.


    Google Plus sucks now because you don’t have photo on your app you can’t tag photos no more plus you can not delete people off your Acquaintances list that don’t have nothing on their app not even their name off your phone so you are just carrying dead body around

  • Castagere Shaikura

    I can’t seem to find a way to edit all the crap off the front page that i don’t care about.

  • lepe12

    Great! The best organic indexer working within the social network, zero cost.

  • arc

    MS tried to make an OS for everything and that failed. tablets and phones suck. now google wants to bring every thing together, so that we all use the crappy Google+ which lags behind most other services. I linked my panoramio account as shown and will wait to see what happens, been uploading photos for the past 10 years, I will wait and see what happens. I know I will not start uploading from scratch, so if the photos vanish after I linked, I will just not bother. the problem is, I don’t see Google+ as a social network. I use Chrome, Google and Android. but could easily switch to Bing and get an Iphone, as I hate being forced to use a service. Google need to face the fact they are not facebook.


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