A Lesson in Pinterest Marketing Like Power-Pinner Jane Wang (7,500,000 Followers!)

By on January 14, 2013

Pinterest Marketing is challenging for even the most seasoned social media marketers.

Why then, can someone like Jane Wang transform her page into a 7 million person strong army of Pinterest followers 유튜브 메이트? Today I take a closer look at what Wang does to be successful at Pinterest marketing, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Marketing On Pinterest Like Jane Wang

At first Jane’s profile seems like everyone else’s, except she has a penguin as her profile picture apache2. She only follows 205 people on Pinterest and yet has over 7,549,836 followers of her pins. Marketing on Pinterest pages like this would help businesses earn on Pinterest – from the traffic referrals and product endorsements 더캠프.

Here are some things we noticed that sets Jane’s page apart:

  • She uses Pinmarklet, a plugin that connects other image sites to Pinterest, ie Flickr, Realsimple.com and others 돌핀 브라우저. This means she finds interesting pictures on the net and shares them with her Pinterest marketing community via her boards.
  • She has 98 boards, which is a fair amount httpclient 파일 다운로드. Marketing on Pinterest would be easier with more boards, as people are drawn to specific topics, like ‘red’ and ‘toys.’
  • Jane Wang’s top pinboard is called ‘delicious’ where she posts great pics about food for her audience 고클린 최신버전 다운로드. Six million of her followers follow this board. For marketing on Pinterest, relating your products or brand with food could be the difference between no followers, and thousands of them 칼리리눅스 메타스플로잇. They clearly love food!
  • She uses Pinterest hashtags to help people find her pins 2g폰 게임 다운로드. It works the same way as Twitter, so it’s important to include these hashtags in every single one of your posts.
  • Jane is the queen of posting practical inspiring stuff Kung Ya Kung Ya. Even if her image choice is bland, the way the photo has been taken isn’t. Everything is always so beautiful which proves that for marketing on Pinterest, effects make the difference 타자 연습 프로그램.
  • Jane always references where the image came from, which gets her followed. People love to see their pins in boards that have 7 million followers.
  • She always puts URL’s in the post, or properly cites it. This means no-one gets angry at her when she repins their stuff, and it prevents copyright battles.
  • The most interesting thing about Jane’s profile is there are no sales pitches, just personal endorsements for each product. It’s a great way for business owners to disarm their audience, and make them love their Pinterest marketing products.
  • Everything is super personal, things that she herself enjoys. Marketing on Pinterest should be undertaken by a business personality. People seem to respond better to people on Pinterest than businesses.
  • Antarctica is a cold State, so she works at her Pinterest account (22,000+ pins) all the time. The rule here is to plan your boards, and work on them every day. But only pin the best images, or you won’t be a very good curator for your brand.

Another thing I noticed on Jane Wang’s profile is that she invites comments from people, by not making the posts about her responses. This allows fans to chat among themselves, or address her directly, if they want to.

From what we can see here, Jane is very strict about using Pinterest as a personal place to say something to the world about who she is as a person. This is what your brand should be doing when marketing on Pinterest!

Have you tried to market any products on Pinterest yet? How did it go?

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