The Social Media Habits of the App-Addicted Teen

By on July 25, 2014
social habits of app teen

Social media has completely taken over the way we live our lives and teenagers are perhaps one of the biggest examples of this. They are connected to their smartphones all day long and have a better grasp on technology than many adults. Let’s take a look at some app addicted teen social media trends.

Apps like Facebook, Kik Messenger, and Instagram all have a huge pull for teenagers because each one enables them to be social, no matter where they are. No situation is cause to put away the smartphone – 72% of people use their phone while watching TV and 90% of students admit to using their phones for non-educational reasons during school. Smartphones and social media have so infiltrated our lives that separating them from our day to day routine has become nearly impossible.

For a closer look at how teens spend their time on social media, check out the infographic below, provided by You might be surprised at just how many apps they frequent.

Social Life of App Addicted Teen (2)

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Amy Williams is a former social worker and writer in Southern California. With two kids of her own, she knows just how addicted teens are to social media. Follow her on Twitter @AmyKWilliams1 for more.

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