Ashton Kutcher: Time For a Social Management Team

By on November 14, 2011

Hollywood star and Twitter legend Ashton Kutcher, recently announced that even he is having trouble dealing with the magnitude of his Twitter account 아메리칸 오지. Kutcher has always posted directly to Twitter, keeping his 8 million followers entertained with random thoughts, insights and personal discussions.

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But now, Kutcher is feeling the keen sting of a tweet gone wrong 핑크 노이즈.

Even Celebs Need Management Teams

After the firing of Joe Paterno, Kutcher published a tweet in his defense – without investigating why the man was fired in the first place Single Alt-to-Bit. As it turns out, Paterno was accused of covering up an incident of child rape, not something you want to be aligned with. The outpouring was tremendous and violent Hyehwa Dong. Followers protested by sending Kutcher thousands of hate tweets closure subtitles.

Eventually, Kutcher recanted, apologized and came to a sudden realization. He is not qualified to speak to 8 million people. With such a large, powerful following behind him, his tweets affect people Download Little Giant. That’s why he has decided to filter all of his social media posts through a social media management company. It’s the only way he can prevent this from happening again Download Dragon Flight Bug apk.

Social Media Management: Crucial To Brands

News like this reminds us that brand management in social media is a necessary part of online exposure Download splice. Both small and large business, personal and private accounts need to be monitored, filtered and prepared for online readership. It’s not only about getting more followers, earning money or gaining exposure – it’s about reputation 유튜브 미등록. Every brand, everywhere needs reputation management.

There are two sides to social media. On the one hand it has a never ending list of benefits, but on the other – severe repercussions for brands that ignore its cloud-based power 칠교놀이 게임. When your brand interacts with people, it invites feedback, good and bad. When this feedback is bad, it can bring your business to a grinding halt.

Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, who have had to learn this the hard way, act as cautionary tales to businesses across the globe. Luckily, there are affordable social media management companies in the world that provide customized solutions for businesses that take social strategy seriously.

We do this for brands on a daily basis. With our “Social Media Success Path” we’ll help you build a presence online, while maintaining the integrity of your company. Instead of investing in template solutions, we collaborate with our clients so that they get the most out of their strategies.

The Social Media Success Path

Whatever your business goals may be on the internet, we’re equipped to help you achieve them, safely and efficiently. From a comprehensive consultation call, to profile setup, content creation and maintenance – our goal is always to see your business thrive in this social environment.

A big part of that is managing your social reputation. With years of experience handling client profiles, we’re confident that we can keep you on the right side of social feedback. If you’ve been looking for a social management partner, call Social Media Magic now, or contact us here.

What do you think about the Ashton Kutcher debacle? Are social management companies becoming indispensable? Leave your comment below!

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