August 2013 Social Media News: The Latest in The Social World

By on August 5, 2013
social media news

What’s been happening in the world of social media lately? It’s vital to stay up to date on the latest updates, changes and fixes that the big social sites implement every month Download the rix font. Only then will you be able to adjust your social strategy accordingly. Today, I’m giving you another news breakdown to keep you informed.

The Latest Facebook News

Facebook has seen some great action over the past few days, with an announcement about its Bug Bounty program 윈도우7 프리셀. They have paid over a million dollars to third party security researchers over the past two years, to inform them of bugs on their system jdk 다운로드. Eliminating these bugs prevent hackers from gaining entry to the site.

In light of recent updates, bugs abound so Facebook may have to increase this spend in the coming years Opera browser. Plus they plan to roll-out a 15 second ad campaign that entices large brands, so that they can significantly improve their ad revenue. Facebook may charge up to $2.5 million a day to advertise on their homepage 뻐꾸기 소리 다운로드. It’s an aggressive move, but a good one.

Results: Security updates and a move to increase ad revenue with large brands. Facebook shares are also up by 40%, thanks to their mobile ad revenue increase 따오기.

The Latest Pinterest News

Pinterest has added a new price alerts feature, that will allows pinners to set an ideal price and then wait for their chosen item to become available at this price on the social network touch vpn 다운로드. Emails will then be sent to pinners to notify them of the changes. These mails will be consolidated so that pinners aren’t spammed too often.

In other news, Amazon is experimenting with a Pinterest-like area called Amazon collections Download the movie Yeonpyeong Naval Battle. It’s an alternative image-heavy way for shoppers to use the site, and so far it has resulted in positive feedback from users.

Results: New Pinterest price alerts and Amazon testing a Pinterest-based site shift 4 다운로드.

The Latest LinkedIn News

The latest from LinkedIn includes their update that allows users to like and comment on influential people’s posts 슬랩파이트. Engage in conversation with influencers to improve your reach, reputation and blog network.

Results: Improvement in influencer program.

social media news

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The Latest Twitter News

Twitter has encountered some serious free speech problems with their global roll-out, and they have had to deal with many hate speech problems in the new countries they are extending into. Abiding by country-specific law has made them a target, as they block tweets from certain organizations and individuals.

Results: Twitter struggles to expand and gains a reputation as a site that inspires hate speech.

Other Important Social Media News

Social media continues to gain ground as a tool for reaching the voting masses, for political campaigns all over the globe. There have also been several stories about slander, and celebrity trashing done on social media sites.

A Toronto Blue Jays catcher JP Arencibia deleted his Twitter account after slander, and a feminist leader in England was threatened with death and rape when she campaigned to get Jane Austen’s image on a bank note. Constant negativity is rife on social platforms.

There are quite a few tweaks to make to your social media strategy based on this week’s news stories. Make the changes now to keep your campaigns up to date!

Have you heard of any other latest news stories that may affect your future social strategies?

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