Becoming an Online Influencer: Our Thoughts on David Spark’s Post

By on April 4, 2011

We read a really interesting post on Mashable a few days ago, written by David Spark of Spark Media Solutions. He makes the point that while information on approaching and attracting online influencers is rampant, there’s not much on actually becoming an influencer 유희왕 태그포스.

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Is that because most of the blogs we read are run by influencers already 교세라 프린터 드라이버 다운로드? He made some good comments that we’ll chat about below.

1. If You’re Not Creating Content, You’re Not an Influencer

A lot of people will argue that this point is 100% correct, and it is – except for the fact that many businesses or blogging ‘personalities’ are making names for themselves based on someone else’s writing 괴이증후군 다운로드.

We agree that no content means no influence, but there are ways around the ‘content monster’ that most influencers have come to appreciate 클래식 음악.

Outsourcing for example is common, so is hiring content businesses to keep your name, or your business name, in the public domain. By all means get cracking on your content, but don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re a little overwhelmed by it all 거래명세표 다운로드!

2. To Become an Influencer, Interview Other Influencers

The old ‘interview’ tactic is getting older, and it really is industry specific 나와 호랑이님 다운로드. While social media marketers might be able to find interviews with social media influencers – really it’s the niche that prompts them to reply.

Would this work for smaller niche orientated businesses Download Fifa11? It’s hard to imagine any industry outside the media, online marketing or social media that would openly give an interview to a direct competitor. That being said, if you happen to be an ‘up-and-coming’ in one of those niches, then yes it’ll work 드래곤볼 신들의 전쟁. But it won’t be easy!

3. Find The Popular Trends or Topics and Get There First

This is a great piece of advice and not one offered as much as you’d expect 영화 컨택트. One of the best things you can do in your industry is to always know what’s happening, as early as you can. Subscribe to news feeds, trending topics on Twitter and do your best to look for that ‘opportunity’ information that you can capitalize on Download up browser.

Something as small as a blog post written on a subject, then released first online can result in a boost in traffic, more subscribers – even more backlinks. Shaping your day’s social media strategy around this information, well that’s pure gold. You get there first on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your blog.

Our Final Thoughts

As David says, to be an influencer you have to influence someone. In other words your content has to influence the content of other writers. You have to influence your readers – even influence other influencers.

It’s one thing to claim to be an influencer, and another to be crowned one by other people. That’s when you know you’ve made it. The only way to do this? Get involved. Use your time to create the right content that is supposed to get you noticed. Thanks again to David Sparks and Mashable, for giving us something to think about. Read the original post here.

How would you become an influencer? Anything we’ve missed?

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