The Best Informers Guide To Facebook Graph Search

By on January 17, 2013

Facebook Graph Search is the latest offering to roll off the innovation line down at the mega-social network.

Today I look at what Facebook graph search is, how it will affect you and what the internet has to say about this new Facebook product. I might even ask some of the harder questions to get to the bottom of some torrid truths. Stay tuned, this is a big one!

The Basics of Facebook Graph Search

The Facebook Graph Search beta has hit the net, and people are scrambling to find out what all of fuss was about 개구리 게임 다운로드. Critics are calling it a ‘big step for Facebook’ as they try to capitalize on their traffic by adding a search function to their network.

This isn’t any old search process however, it’s a NEW kind of search and it adds a lot of additional functionality to the site. The Facebook Graph Search function allows users to search for people on Facebook that share similar interests, places, people or photos.

Sounds a bit date-site like 강식당 1회 다운로드? It is, kinda. In fact, using this kind of new functionality will allow people to better source relevant friends for things like book clubs, yoga meetings, gym sessions or clubs. Bing gets a massive boost from this Facebook decision, as Facebook displays Bing results if they don’t know who you’re trying to find.

As I was saying, Facebook Graph Search concentrates on 4 areas codeigniter 엑셀 다운로드. The graph will allow you to find other television programs for example, that are similar to ones that you’ve already liked. Or you can use it to find photos of cats with bread on their faces in your area. Facebook is connected in weird and wonderful ways, and it’s trying to make us see and use these connections we have with people on the site more often xp windbg 다운로드.

The Down Side of Facebook Graph Search

The only down side to the new Facebook Graph Search is that it sure makes it easy for strangers to find and harass you. This is mildly reminiscent of a bad dating site, that allows creepy people to type in exact descriptions and get results. If you’re looking to marry a brown haired, secretary with 3 cats that lives in Ohio – you can find them on Facebook Download Harry Potter and the Wizard's Stone.

For businesses, you might be able to use this search to find ideal clients, potential fans and competition entrants. If you couple it with the recent ‘mail for a dollar’ expansion, people can now find you and email you – anything. Hello spam!

Aside from the blatant stalker world that Facebook has just unleashed on all of us, I do admit that this step is beneficial for Facebook users 제주도지도. For one it allows people to better sort through Facebook, which never stops expanding. Facebook Graph Search will work concurrently with open graph, and Facebook has mentioned that the two will grow together over time.

The Proof is in The Privacy

I’ve given up trying to find a reasonable privacy balance on Facebook oracle 11g 32bit. With the introduction of new advertising processes and now Facebook Graph Search – you’re lucky to have ANY privacy left on the site. Even though Graph Search will become one of the 3 pillars – alongside Newsfeed and Timeline, you have to wonder – is my personal information safe?

The quick answer is no. I would encourage you to limit what you say on your Facebook profile just in case. These days the privacy policies change so often, it’s hard to keep up Tap Sonic bug edition. And now that strangers can find you and talk to you – no information is safe. Many strangers will be spammers, marketers and phishing fraudsters.

Facebook’s official statement about privacy went as follows: “No one can see anything that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to see,” said Facebook public policy manager Nicky Jackson Colaco in an interview with VentureBeat. “We don’t want people to be surprised. It’s really bad for them … and it’s bad for us.”

So Facebook is insisting that enabling people to find you, based on where you live, what you like and who you are is not another privacy violation, it’s simply an advancement 가디언즈 더빙 다운로드.

How To Prevent The Privacy Onslaught?

Go and check out which groups and interests you’ve liked, in your entire Facebook history. Then delete the groups you may find uncomfortable. If for example you once liked a group called, ‘I’m a T&A man’ because an image was funny, you may want to unlike that 페이스북 유튜브 동영상.

Otherwise Facebook Graph Search could be telling people you’re this sort of man when they search for you. Your normal privacy settings are fine for now, but keep an eye out – they could change!

Check out this awesome video from Business Insider on how to use Facebook Graph Search.

Benefits To Small Businesses on Facebook

There are some superb benefits of the new Facebook Graph Search system. People can find businesses like yours, just by asking Facebook which ‘dentists’ their friends use in your area. That means the power and value of one fan just went up! Search amplifies how many people can find and like your company. Score!

Will this negatively impact Google? I don’t think so. If there’s one thing Google can’t get wrong, it’s search. They will remain the kings of online web browsing. But Facebook may steal some time spent per person, away from Google. People will be interested to see how Facebook Graph Search works, but they won’t use it every day like they use Google Search.

What The Twittersphere Thinks of Facebook Graph Search

  • @MariSmith says, “@Markettennant Facebook Graph Search on mobile is coming – as an API. A whole new sub-industry, methinks 🙂 cc #smexaminer
  • @WSJ says, “Can Facebook’s Graph Search get you a date?”
  • @RWW says, “Facebook Graph Search is Boring: Wake Me When We Get A Single Search Al by @ablaze”
  • @Mashsocialmedia says, “Analysts are unimpressed with Facebook Graph Search.”
  • @SocialMedia411 says, “Yelp stock tanks 8% after Facebook announces Graph Search.”

It’s interesting to me that recently Facebook removed the ability to opt out of search results, and now Facebook Graph Search is up and running. All I’m seeing is another attempt to open up new revenue streams by Facebook. Soon, marketers, corporations and companies will be clamoring to get a piece of you on Facebook.

How do you think Facebook Graph Search will affect you?

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