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By on August 16, 2013
Social Content images

Social content includes the creation, publication and management of images, videos, text, audio and the various subgenres within these areas. Images are an essential part of SEO, gaining increased interactions and building a focused community of like-minded people 상여 소리. Today I’m going to share with you some best practices for creating images across your main social media properties.

Why Bother Creating Your Own Social Content Images 래빗스쿨 더빙?

There are literally dozens of reasons why you want to be an image creator, instead of an image sharer. Here are some very real reasons why 아스달 연대기 13화.

• Image creators get more shares, interactions and engagement. Fact.
• Image creators own the copyright which makes this social content an asset 소셜 클럽.
• Images are the BEST way to inspire emotion online. Fact.
• Strategically created images enhance all forms of social media marketing Download Endless Challenge Leon.

Alright, so basically when you create your own awesome social images, you improve the value of your social content, which is KEY to any successful social media strategy xp internet explorer 8 다운로드. Value is what everyone is always clambering to get.

What Kind of Social Media Images Exist?

There are lots of different social content images that you can learn to create and perfect 철권 pc. Here are few to get you started.

• Your platform profile images. Use the Social Media Image Maker tool to get your sizing right Download the Montblanc logo.
• Infographics (Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter)
• Mini-infographics for Facebook
• Tutorial images
• Fact or Quote Images
• Template images (a set template that you insert new content into each week)
• Blog images, used to enhance your blog posts
• Youtube images for slideshow mashups
• Meme images for direct communication
• Business or product showcase images

All of these can be optimized to create a practical social content image strategy that works in conjunction with your lead social strategy Download the tariff rate table.

Social content image

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How To Optimize Each Type of Image

Platform: Analyse the platform you are creating the image for 스마트폰에 유튜브 동영상. If it’s for Facebook for example, small, quick, easy-to-consume images are best.

Audience: What works on Facebook doesn’t always work on Pinterest. Find out what your audience responds to best using platform-based analytics and split testing.

SEO: Don’t forget to enhance your chances of getting your images found. Blog images, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter – you can add SEO to all of these if you know which keywords you are targeting.

Temporal: Create both highly relevant, time sensitive images, and images on a broader subject range so that they can resurface as content assets down the line to improve traffic to your platforms.

Build a Great Image Library: If you see an image that has been very successful on someone else’s social properties, save it and create an image library of great examples to draw inspiration from.

A Final Word On Image Posting

A lot of great companies that use social content images, use the SAME image on ALL of their platforms. But if you are going to do that – you need different angles in your text, or at the very least – use different versions of your image.

Social media properties are supposed to work together to create a total brand image, not repeat content to deathly levels of exhaustion. People don’t want to see the same thing over and over, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. Choose wisely.

Use these best practices to start creating your own unique images that will work in conjunction with your social text to attract fans, engagement and traffic.

When was the last time you created your own image for a social property?

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