The Best Social Media Tools for Education

By on October 7, 2015

The role and contribution of technology in the field of education is noteworthy as it has helped teachers and students to connect and share information. Playing an equally vital role is social media. Social media connects students and teachers, who are geographically miles away from one another, and places them in the same virtual space 멜론에서 음악 다운로드. There are many social media tools that can be helpful for education, but selecting the most useful ones can be a daunting task. This article discusses a few of these tools.

The Top 10 Tools

  1. Edmodo: It is one of the safest tools that not only helps to connect teachers and students but can also involve parents 가계부 다운로드. It is a trusted tool as it makes learning easy and effective. It primarily focuses on communication, collaboration and coaching. Edmodo empowers teachers to build relationships with students, as well as their parents, and helps to make learning an easy process. This tool is available online for Android, iOS, and Windows users.
  2. Stunited: This is a comprehensive network for students, educational organizations, professionals and related business 강하나 하체 스트레칭 다운로드. It is a global platform that doesn’t just cater to studies but is created to incorporate all educational requirements ranging from University, courses, scholarships, accommodations, meals and anything you can think of that you would require while studying.
  3. EDU 2.0: It is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems among educators Adobe. It is hosted online and helps to increase the efficiency of teachers when sharing valuable content with students. Teachers can build their own portals for their students. Educators can also make optimum use of a variety of features like lesson planning and attendance checking. This tool can also monitor students’ progress with the help of built-in analytics cfc 다운로드.
  4. TedEd: TedEd hosts a variety of presentations from various well known speakers, teachers and students covering topics ranging from science and technology to health and psychology. The education initiative of TedEd specifically focuses on making short video lessons worth sharing, with special emphasis on content appropriate for teachers and students hdri. TedEd helps to raise the voices of teachers by sharing TedEd Lessons which are videos that introduce new topics to learners in an exciting and inspiring way.
  5. Edublog: It is the largest education blogging platform that focuses specifically on educational blogs visual studio 2010 professional 한글 다운로드. Blogs prove to be an important medium of communication between teachers and students across several regions. Edublog contains blogs written by teachers, as well as blogs written on education and educational policies. Edublog is an interactive medium of communication.
  6. Teachertube and Schooltube: As the name suggests, they are similar in functionality to YouTube but they contain videos that can be viewed and shared amongst teachers and students Core Gothic e. These platforms contain videos that are completely safe to be viewed and are appropriate for the classroom environment. They are even endorsed by leading educational organizations and can be used for students of all the grades.
  7. Diigo: It is a very popular tool used for saving and bookmarking links and online resources for easy access, and is used by more than 9 million users 칩셋 드라이버. It helps users to bookmark and tag different web pages, as well as highlight a particular section of interest within the webpage. Users can add notes to the webpage and choose to keep them private or share them with a group within Diigo. Organization of references is also made easy with the help of an outline wizard tool.
  8. Is gaining more popularity these days and is mainly targeted to academic researchers ppsspp 철권 다운로드. As of April 2015, has more than 21 million registered users. Users can share their papers, monitor their research’s effect and can even follow the research in the area of your interest. Statistics indicate that papers uploaded to the platform have received a 73% boost in reads over the last 5 years.
  9. Twiducate: Is a free social networking tool to assist in the enhancement of learning outside of school. Educators can create their own workspace and can monitor and control the number of people entering the workspace. Teachers can create a private network for posting assignments and sending messages for students. They can also connect with the other educators outside or inside of the classroom.
  10. Collaborize Classroom: As the name suggests, it is a free online platform for collaboration of teachers and students to complement classroom interaction. It helps in creating interest among students by engaging them in online activities, assignments and discussions. It helps to increase participation of students by giving them a voice.


Social media plays a crucial role in keeping teachers and students updated as well as connected to each other. It helps in fostering a sense of community among peers and helps them to virtually meet and interact on a global scale. Efficient use of social media tools can make education more interesting as well as enriching.

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