Better SEO Strategies That Will Help Google Understand What You Want It to Know

By on April 5, 2019

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The primary intent of SEO is to find a better rank in the SERPs of Google which happens to be the first choice of searchers among all other available search engines 웅장한 배경음악. Well, this popularity of Google is not baseless. Google is known to provide the best search results and customers know that the site that features at the top spot of the search engine result page is definitely the best one in comparison to the others in the first pages 후와린.

This is because Google uses the best and most advanced algorithm for the ranking process to know what you want to mean when you use specific or vague keywords in your content 아날로그 웨딩.

A simple example will make it very clear for you so that you know the importance of SEO to rank high in Google search list 카운트다운 영상.

  • Assuming that you use a keyword ‘five guys nyc’ Google will come up with the best results by searching the entire web within an instant using your keyword 알카트라스 탈출.
  • However, the search will not be restricted to the mere words used in the keyword phrase and will certainly not come up with five random males living in New York City 미스리메신저.
  • Instead it will make a wild guess that you may be looking for a fast food joint by that name or any other and will come up with results such as the “Five Guys, Burgers & Fries.”

How is this possible 대난투? Well, Google looks at all possible and similar searches all over the web that may include words like “burgers” and “fries” as well in their keyword along with ‘Five Guys.’

What does this mean Download Saitul 2? This means that:

  • You have to be very specific with your keyword selection and word usage and
  • You must be more strategic with the placement of the keywords so that it features in the most important and prominent place Ultravnc.

If you are wondering what these prominent places could be then consider these:

  • The headline
  • The URL and
  • The Meta description x-force 2015.

However, this does not mean you will need to mention your keyword a ton times within your text as that will once again be detrimental for your SEO results and search engine ranking. The best way to use the keywords optimally is by considering you as the reader and look into things from a readers’ perspective. You will then know what the reader wants and integrate your keyword seamlessly in your content just for the right number of times.

Other factors to consider

That’s not all. There are several other factors to consider for better SEO. If you are unsure you can always get help from an expert SEO consultant Mumbai.

One consideration is the freshness of your content, as that will significantly improve your Google rankings with better SEO. Make sure that you post only new contents and stay away from rewriting from other sources or simply copying articles with a bit of rephrasing here and there.

If you are recycling your older content, always make sure you keep it current.

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