The Big Four: A Look at the Top Social Media Sites- Part Two, Facebook

By on June 1, 2009

In our last post we began to take a brief look at the four biggest social media sites there are today (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), and why you may (or may not) want to be on them.  We covered Linkedin, with its advantages in the professional world, and how the culture there can benefit your business, and now we’re going to examine Facebook 영화 나를 찾아줘.


Arguably one of the fastest growing social networking sites, Facebook is a much, much less formal site than Linkedin.  You will find all manner of people here, along with information on their lives, thoughts, likes and dislikes and so on (depending on their privacy controls) Download genuine manga.

Even businesses are getting in on Facebook by establishing fan pages or groups where they can interact with customers, publish links to their other sites or social media profiles, and so on Airline Investigation Squad.

So Why Should You Be on Facebook?

If you don’t already have a personal profile on Facebook, I’d be very surprised.  Having said that, there are good reasons to include Facebook in your social media presence 히오스. The first reason, as it was with Linkedin, is the fact that your name and/or business name will rank higher on Google.  Beyond that, however, the sheer number of Facebook members there are presents a goldmine of opportunity for finding your target customers Download Kinky Boots.

Up next, Twitter…

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