Blogging Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

By on August 3, 2018

Blogging is constantly changing and becoming more and more beneficial to brands or individual bloggers. It’s a great way to gain new visitors and increase engagement and traffic.

Do you want to beat competitors and capture the attention of potential readers? Then you need to make your blog more attractive and engaging for your audience. The first and the best step is to create quality content that is useful to your audience. Otherwise, it won’t be enough. You should always keep up with blogging trends.

In this post, I’ll tell you about 7 of the the best blogging trends in 2018.

Video and live streaming

This trend should not be a surprise Download kmsauto net.exe. Video is constantly growing in popularity, and this fact is reflected on blogging.

What can capture your audience’s attention better than a well-made video? Personally, I don’t know. According to HubSpot Research, more than 53% of people want to see more video content from marketers.

Video is worth millions of words and saves time. Nowadays, everyone can easily create good quality video with smartphones and basic editing software. Don’t miss your chance to engage the audience.

Live streaming is a type of video, but it contains a very important factor — connecting with an audience directly Friday 13th. It’s the latest trend in social media, so sometimes you should go live to your audience and encourage them to interact with you in real time. Also, you can share videos of your live streams to get even more traffic later. You can show your business from the inside, demonstrate products or interview creators, coworkers, and so on.

These types of content are excellent for any company or personal brand.


Stories are the latest trend in marketing and blogging. All of us remember that feeling of coziness from telling different stories around the fire, during dinner or staying up late with mates. A similar feeling happens while reading interesting blog narratives.

Storytelling is in some ways a connection between the blogger and its visitors, thanks to a glimpse of real life Ms Office free. It makes reading a blog more enjoyable, and readers stay with you for a long time.

This trend is another opportunity to keep your readers interested in your blog.

Authentic content

Readers are becoming more demanding while trying to stay away from obvious promotional and marketing content. Everyone looks for entertainment, information or value in your blog posts.

When developing a new post always think about its usefulness first, and then your profit and so on. Don’t publish content that is used everywhere on the Internet and describes some general situation or gives basic knowledge of something even if it seems to be very popular and efficient 토마토 증권 통. Authentic content is the best step in building your audience, as 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts.

Articles should acknowledge the realities of success and failures on every topic. People prefer honest writing.

Length and frequency of publications

Longer articles were surprisingly trendy. People look for different information on the Internet every day and spend more time there.

Long reads can provide better visibility thanks to backlinks and shares to prove your expertise and authority. So you should write in detail and at length. Of course, long forms of articles don’t suit every type of content, but the most popular are reviews, research, reportage, reenactors, portraits, and instructions Download the La Ravel Framework. And the most appropriate length for them is between two and three thousand words.

Instead of creating a new post every day or several times per week, it would be better to develop high-quality content, but less often. You shouldn’t match big brands with blogging frequency. Just create your own. To choose effective days and topics for your content plan, you can use Google Analytics. Its report will show you on which days have the largest number of visitors, and the content they share.

Creativeness for everything

There’s a huge number of blogs on the Internet, so you should always know and keep all modern blogging trends to be the best. One of the main stream now is the appearance of blogs. They don’t look like regular blogs anymore, they should be more similar to the separate landing pages with links to recent posts an so on 다운로드.

Turn on your creativity, fill your blog with beautiful illustrations, images, charts, graphs, and everything that is immediately viewable. They are better for this place than video as first-time visitors haven’t enough commitment and interest for watching the last one.

Don’t use simple and primitive ideas for your blog’s design, think over every detail and you’ll get more visitors thanks to it too.

Engagement is on the main place

Every one of us used to the kind of engagement when your readers are encouraged to leave comments under blog posts. Nowadays it’s an old-fashioned thing a little. Such comments are replaced by social media likes, shares, and follows.

So, to implement this new trend, you should add social share and social follow buttons to every your post brother printer driver. It helps your readers share the information they like and bring more traffic on your blog. Also, these shares can help you understand which type of content and topics are beloved by your audience. A good service — Buzzsumo — can give you such information. Its report shows the most shared posts, the number, and places of their shares.

Strategy and SEO for your success

Blogging in 2018 isn’t a very simple thing. To get a good profit you should definitely know what you’re doing and what for, should always be in trend. Blogging strategy is just for this purpose Download Zootopia Dubbing.

Think over what you’ll write about, develop a portrait of your target audience, create a content plan (topics and frequency of publications), and kinds of promotion for your blog. Write down everything into your blogging strategy. Don’t forget, you shouldn’t create it by yourself, take information from your blog’s analytics.

One more very important thing for your blog and profit is SEO. Use it to grow your blog’s traffic and followers, and your income as a result. Don’t waste your precious time on simple writing and getting nothing or very slowly.

The main part for blogging here is keywords usage Annie Pet. Take only good and appropriate ones for your texts and blog in the whole. You can choose such keywords at Google AdWords or specific services, like Serpstat. The last one is more understandable and easy in usage. Its report will show you the keywords with the biggest search volume, the least difficulty and so on.

On-page and off-page SEO are very important for your blog also. Build a reputable backlinks profile, create mailing, promote your posts on social networks. And if you aren’t an expert in it, it’d be better to seek help from those who understand it 토라도라.


Even if you’re a successful blogger now everything can change, as technologies and trends are moving at a rapid pace. Following the trends from this post, you can always get more and more visitors and shares.

As you’ve already understood from the trends described above, success in blogging doesn’t mean publishing posts and complex content like a crazy. It consists of analysis, strategy, and high quality.

Blog trends will help you boost traffic on your blog for more engagement and ROI.



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