Why Blogs Fail: The Top 8 Reasons Blogs Shut Down

By on January 25, 2011

Why do most blogs fail? If you consider a popular blog, one that has a large community, plenty of interaction and some sort of revenue generation – then why is it that most blogs never reach this point Download the Mobizen screen recorder?

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It’s every businesses worst nightmare, and it happens everyday to thousands of blogs on the internet 360 클라우드 오프라인 다운로드. No traffic, zero interaction, no ad clicks – absolutely nothing. It might as well not exist. What’s going on? You’ve spent time and effort making your business blog popular v app.

Let’s examine the top 8 reasons why blogs shut down!

#1: Time is a Cruel Mistress

The number one, all time blog killer – is time 그랜드종합주석 다운로드. If you don’t put in the time, your blog will never become successful. We’re talking tireless work ethic, pulling in traffic, drafting attractive copy, interacting to the point where your entire day vanishes into your blog roll chinese textbooks. Popular blogs have teams working on them 24/7.

#2: Too Set in Your Ways

Bloggers who dive into the blogging world with their hands over their ears, never get anywhere Why do you download it with me out there. Your way might be the right way, but without outside comments, new ideas and constant development – your blog will die and shut down. Keep learning, it’s the best thing you can do for your blogging community Gangster.

#3: The Ideas Run Dry

A great writer can create a 500 page manuscript from a single, one line sentence Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If you are blogging for yourself and you run out of ideas – maybe its time to call in a professional. All the largest blog sites have professional writers creating their content Melisse.

#4: Keep Them Interested

The only way you’re going to hang onto a fickle and spoilt for choice blogging community is if you constantly give them the best of what they want China Immigration Report. One great post, and ten rubbish ones is not going to make you famous, admired or popular.

#5: Zero Strategic Input

Stop thinking of your blog as a fun tool for creative expression that you happen to be using to make money, and you might start making money. A blog needs a strategy, or an end goal – be it on a monthly or yearly basis. Without a strategy how do you expect to grow? It’s like everything else on the internet – strategy is king!

#6: Hi, I’m a Marketer

A blog that has very little valuable content but a lot of adverts, promotional material, and sales pitches will never work. Ever. Keep them to a minimum.

#7: No Financial Investment

If you think you can run a popular blog on a shoestring budget, then you must be the world’s most gifted writer. A blog is a financial investment, and if you don’t sink some real money into it – you’ll never enjoy the returns.

#8: It’s Too Hard

People and businesses believe that blogging is easy, so they begin their blogging journey with false perceptions. These false perceptions lead them to sigh heavily, and eventually give up – as impatience, and disillusionment washes over them. Another dead blog, another person realizing blogging isn’t easy.

Why do you think most blogs fail?
Have we missed an important point? Set us straight!

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