Blunders That Will Kill-Off Your Facebook Fanbase

By on January 24, 2013

Facebook marketing can be a tricky business, especially when you – as a busy owner – have to deal with the constant changes and updates that they have scheduled Download The Song of Kim Kwang-seok. You might have noticed people losing fans recently. Today I’m going to detail the marketing blunders that will kill-off your facebook fanbase and chase them into the arms of another company 새롬데이타맨 다운로드.

Marketing Blunders That Will Kill-Off Your Facebook Fanbase

We’ve all read about those Facebook marketing mistakes that you can make 크롬 os. ‘Don’t speak at your fans, speak to them.’ ‘Post lots of images to get interaction.’ These are broad, common sense mistakes that you shouldn’t be making Download the football game. What about those harder, hidden blunders that YOU don’t even know about? They could be losing you droves of fans!

Marketing Blunder #1: No More Buying Fans Winhex!

You might have noticed your numbers dropping recently, and that’s because the Facebook marketing team is tightening up their ability to find and delete fake accounts Download Maggirls. When you use services that offer you Facebook fans for a fee, these companies will insist that they are offering you real people. This is just not true Download mobile jw player videos.

In fact, Facebook is cracking down on all pages that bought fans – leaving you without anyone to talk too. In the past, you could buy fans just to get started on Facebook Download Manpromus. Now, you really shouldn’t waste your money.

Marketing Blunder #2: Ruining Your Contests

It’s SO easy to break the rules regarding contests on Facebook 로스트사가 다운로드. As a Facebook marketing expert, I’ve dealt with clients that simply can’t understand why their contests were pulled down or banned. Here are some rules to clarify what you can and can’t do I downloaded mp3 from my age.

You may not ask people to like other Facebook UI functions in your competitions, and you have to use an APP to do it. Your competition should state that it has nothing to do with Facebook, and winners can’t be notified on Facebook, ever.

Marketing Blunder #3: The Facebook Market

Not understanding the Facebook market can cost you fans. For example – if you behave like you’re on Twitter when you’re on Facebook, this can be great, or terrible for you. Great – because people love short, call to action posts with images, and terrible because using hashtags on Facebook makes sensitive fans crazy.

Have you ever actually tested which posts get you the most responses before? Facebook marketing is actually about doing your own testing and analysis.

Marketing Blunder #4: Not Pushing Your Products Enough!

Let’s be honest, whether your fans are using Facebook mobile or desktop, you want the same thing – leads and sales. But are you doing enough to get them? We are warned so often that Facebook marketing is about people, that we forget to SELL stuff to them, or our pitches or efforts are too weak to get noticed.

If you can’t sell something blatantly, post it on Pinterest – then repost the pic on Facebook and let the sales funnel work. Facebook marketing in small businesses can be a little more aggressive at times.

These four massive Facebook marketing blunders will send your fans packing, and you can’t afford to lose any more of them. Do yourself a favor and start selling properly, no short cuts, no tricks – just daily work.

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What is the worst Facebook blunder you’ve made to date? Any great stories? Share them here.

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