How to Build Your Blog Audience & Keep Them Engaged

By on September 25, 2017

In today’s digital era, there are more than a few different ways to promote yourself and your blog.  However, it can be difficult to figure out which methods are going to offer the biggest wins.

These are various strategies you can use to grow your audience and keep that audience engaged.

Identify the Right Marketing Channels

When it comes to actually building your audience, it is important to focus your efforts in the right places. Here are some accessible and mainly free ideas:

#1 – Social Media

Social media has effectively taken over our lives.  It’s nearly impossible to walk around without seeing someone flipping through Facebook on their phone, or talking about something they saw on Pinterest or Instagram.

Each network has a different type of audience, so it may take some time and testing to figure out exactly which one is right for you. There are a huge amount of tactics and strategies you can use to start gaining traction on each of the social networks.

It’s worth noting that there are a few tools that can help you manage your workload when it comes to marketing through social media platforms.

Right now, Hootsuite and Buffer are two great tools that make it easy to automate and schedule your posting so you’re delivering content at the perfect times.

#2 – Outreach & Guest Posting

Blogger outreach and guest posting is a great strategy you can use to build a captivated audience.  By reaching out to bloggers and building a relationship with them, you can get them to feature your content.

Once your content is featured on their blog, your direct and referral traffic will increase, and the links pointing to your website from their blog will help increase your organic search rankings.

Outreach and guest posting are essential SEO strategies that you’ll need to use, but they are also great for helping supplement other marketing strategies you’ll be using.

You can couple together your outreach strategy with your social media content for a massive reach.

#3 – Email Lists

One of the best strategies you can use for both building your audience and keeping them engaged is email marketing. 

Distributing your content through email to an audience that has already shown they’re interested is the best way to make sure those customers keep coming back to your website.

Due to anti-spam laws, visitors have to show they’re interested by opting into receiving your emails, and verify that they’ve opted in before you can actually start emailing them.  That means your audience has proven they want what you’re offering.

The best way to collect emails is by offering a newsletter or an incentive on your website.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Putting in so much effort to grow your audience doesn’t mean much if you can’t keep your audience engaged. You need to both excite, and educate your audience to keep them coming back.

Each of these strategies can be leveraged using every one of the marketing strategies above for even more impact.

#1 – Competitions & Contests

Launching a competition or a contest to your audience is a great way to get noticed and get people talking about you.

You can do this either on a weekly or a monthly basis, depending on how big your audience is. It’s great for giving back to your community and establishing the rapport with them that you need to keep them engaged.

You can also double down and spread your competition through social media platforms and during your outreach campaigns.  To enter into the contest, you could require your visitors to submit their email address and join your email list.

The possibilities are endless.

#2 – Producing A Web Series

Creating a web series, or a series of videos is both highly effective and fun. It helps you create a clear message and brand that will resonate with your audience.

While web series videos can be incredibly effective, coming up with one of those ideas that will make an impact on your audience is the difficult part. It can also get expensive if you are using a professional videographer.

There is no need to spend a fortune though. Don’t be afraid to go it alone with a video camera and a green screen. It will keep it authentic and allow your personality to shine though.

Creating videos allows you to not only repurpose the content, but also get people to help you spread the message.

#3 – Setting World Records

If you want to get the world to take notice, set a new world record.  World records can be completely random, and if there isn’t already one for your niche or industry, come up with one yourself.

Making an attempt to set a new world record can get your audience engaged with your business and get people outside of your audience spreading the word.

Below are a few tips you can use if you decide to take on setting a new world record:

  • Stay active on social media and let your email list know about the attempt as you’re making it.
  • Select one that can be achieved, and will get your audience talking about you.
  • Reach out to bloggers inside of your industry to let them know about your attempt.

#4 – Use Thunderclap

Thunderclap is a platform that lets you group together parts of your audience to “crowdspeak”.

It gives you the ability to reach a huge amount of people in a very short period of time.  To use it, gather a certain number of your supporters and get them all talking about you at the same time.

Depending on how effectively you can promote the campaign that you’re running through other marketing strategies, you could get your message in front of millions.

You could couple Thunderclap with your attempt at setting a new world record and promote it socially, if you really want to make a statement.

#5 – Become a YouTube Sensation

While this might not be for everyone, YouTube is a great way to get engaging content in front of a large and diverse audience. Many successful bloggers are turning to YouTube.

If you’re not necessarily wanting to become a YouTube star yourself, reach out to YouTube stars and ask to do a collaboration. Imagine a name check for your blog in front of a million plus subscribers.

Whether you intend to produce the videos yourself, or rely on those already successful to help you, properly tapping into YouTube does require quite a bit of planning.  The potential outcome from that planning is well worth it, though.

To Sum It All Up

It’s not necessarily easy to build a loyal following, it’s even harder to keep them along for the ride. Each of these strategies that I’ve given you will help you grow your audience, and give you every chance to keep them longer term.

Consistency is key. It’s essential to keep up the hard work to keep people engaged however if you do, you will have a dedicated, loyal and enthused following.

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