Why Your Business Needs the Facebook Business Manager and How to Get Started

By on November 28, 2017

Gone are the days of running Facebook ad campaigns using your personal Facebook profile.

In this article I’m going to reveal to you the wonders of the Facebook Business Manager – what is it, why you need it and how to get started.

Your business will benefit massively as a result.

Let’s get started.

Did you know Facebook have created their very own business resource center – www.business.facebook.com

Facebook want all businesses to use it and I can tell you from experience, it’s rather good Download the Lurie Web image.

Here are some of the main benefits it offers: 

  • One centralized place to manage all of your Facebook assets – Your Facebook Page, Your Advert Account, Your Facebook Pixel (and some other features we will be going into below)
  • It’s Free
  • It only takes a few minutes to setup
  • Your business colleagues wont see your personal Facebook account or details (including pics from what you did on Saturday night!)
  • You can use your business email address to set it up
  • And its super simple to use! 

Below you will see a series of images from inside of the Business Manager. I will walk you through some of the key features you need to get set up in order to utilise this platform.


You may have used a similar feature previously when running your ad account and Facebook page through your personal profile, the big distinction here is you don’t need to be friends with someone on Facebook, you don’t need to use their personal profile email address and neither of you get to see each other’s personal details Download Gangan Man.

This is purely people management for your Business. Which means when you sign someone up you can use their work email address.

You will see the Assign Assets button top right. This will allow you assign different assets (ad accounts, Facebook pages etc) to that person.

This gives you much more control and allows you to set different levels of access for different people. 


This is where you can manage the different Facebook Pages you may be associated with 한컴 타자연습 2010. In order to add a new page, you simply click the button on the top right and you will be given three options: 

  • Add a Page
  • Request a Page
  • Create new Page 

Once you have added the associated page into the Business Manager (or created a new one) you can add the relevant People to the page. Simple.

Ad Account

Your Ad Account is where you manage all of your Facebook adverts inside of Facebook originlab 무료 다운로드. You can have up to three ad accounts with a standard Facebook Business Manager, but can request more Ad Accounts from Facebook if you need it.

The “Add new Ad Accounts” button top right will allow you to pull through your existing account from your personal profile (if you have this setup). You will just need to find your ad account ID to do this.

If you have an agency working on your ad account you will need to click the “Assign Partner” button and grant them access using their Business Manager ID (you will need to ask them for this ID) Download the Transformers game.

Facebook Pixels

Your Facebook Pixel is a little snippet of code that sits on your website. Similar to a Google Analytics code it tracks website activity and allows you to re-market to people on Facebook.

This section of Business Manager allows you to manage your pixel and more importantly “Assign Ad Accounts” (top right) Download the recital notes. This basically means you want to attach this pixel to the advert account that you are running adverts from.

If you don’t do this you will struggle to get great results, so make sure you have this setup correctly.

Product Catalog

If you are an e-commerce company you will want to pay attention to this section of the Business Manager Download melon songs. This is basically where you can create a ‘product catalog’.

A catalogue basically pulls your products through into Facebook, similar to the Google Shopping Feed.

This allows you to create Dynamic Ads! (and these are definitely what you need to make sales!) Detroit Metal City movie.

One important feature I want to point out here is the “Associate Source” button. This will link the product catalogue to your Facebook pixel.

You will really struggle to get great results and track effectively if you don’t ‘associate a source’, so do make sure this is set up.


Yep, you can also pull through your Instagram account into your business manager (I told you it was one central place to manage all your FB assets) all-in drama.

Pay particular attention to the button “Assign Ad Account”. You need to link your Instagram Page to your Facebook ad account. This will allow you to start advertising on Instagram. Very important!

Lead Access

This feature is fairly new and I suspect we will see it develop a lot more hrd 프로그램 다운로드. This is basically where you can connect your businesses CRM system so all your lovely leads from Facebook go straight into your own environment.

Definitely worth setting up!

How to Set It Up

I want to make a quick note about how to setup the Business Manager when you first login.

First of all, please be aware you will still need to log in to the business manager using your personal login details. This doesn’t mean anyone will be able to see your personal profile or anything associated with it, this is completely separate, however Facebook want to know exactly who you are.

When you do login for the very first you will see options similar to the images below:

If you own the Facebook page and the Ad account you will need to click “Claim Ad Account” and “Claim Page”.

This basically means you are claiming them as yours. This cannot be undone and will permanently assign them to this business manager. You need this to get going, so make sure they are yours!

That’s it.

Easy, quick to setup and absolutely free. If you haven’t done it already I would highly recommend you go and setup the Facebook Business Manager.

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