Business Promotion Through TikTok: A Path Less Traveled

By on February 28, 2020

TikTok has become one of the leading social media video-centric applications and has been gaining momentum ever since its launch back in 2016 by a company in China called ByteDance. This application is defined as the perfect blend of Vine, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing its users to create short and highly engaging video content Self-esteem. What more is that TikTok has fun editing features that include various lenses, filters, and even AR features. This has led to a surge in its popularity with a younger audience that is below 30 years of age; with 41% of them falling between 16 and 24 years.

With these impressive facts aside, how does this app helps businesses grow? For the most part, TikTok remains an entertainment app purely – but brands (big and small) have started to experiment with it Download your personal information. We will be diving into the marketing details, but first, you need to have an overview of how rapidly this application is growing – becoming a gold mine of potential leads.

According to sources, this app has accumulated a whopping 500 million monthly active users Download the teamap map. However, this statistic was quoted in July 2018 – so the chances are that this digit has already been crossed by a large margin. Hootsuite and We Are Social have estimated the figure to be somewhere around 800 million.

TikTok Ranks at Number 6 for the Most-Used Apps of 2019

Via App Annie

Businesses with their targeted audience are Gen Z or just youthful in general, can easily tap into TikTok’s user base, and with an effective marketing strategy in place, they can start promoting their brand Turtle plane. However, TikTok has garnered the attention of other business owners as well. Now, the only question that remains is ‘how to fit TikTok into your digital strategy?’ – which isn’t complicated to answer as TikTok introduced advertisement options, helping you create an exclusive TikTok strategy of your own.

Let’s explore various advertising opportunities provided to us by TikTok.

TikTok Marketing Strategy: Using 4 Popular Ways

With your creative and energetic team all set, you can utilize these 4 best ways to get your brand and services noticed by the potential audience on TikTok 캡틴 츠바사.

#1 In-feed Native Ads:

These ads are much like Instagram or Snapchat’s story ads – take all the screen space when playing and are skippable with a length of 9-15 seconds. Similarly, TikTok’s in-app ads are the same and enable the addition of website links and CTA (Call to action) buttons on the ad itself. These ads, as mentioned, are skippable 네이버티비 동영상 다운로드. What more is that these ads are customizable – giving you plenty of options for designing these ads.

The success of these ads or campaigns can be measured in terms of CTR (Click-through rate), engagements, views, impressions, and clicks.

#2 Brand Takeover Ads:

TikTok has excellent marketing strategies in place, keeping everything clean and simpler for its audience to understand Download the issue of the human ity test. Brand takeover is a great example of such simplicity – where a single brand gets to take over a certain category for an entire day. This form of ad can also be defined as a full-screen ad that appears when the user first opens the app. This ad could be an image, gif, or a short video linked with your brand’s landing page.

#3 Hashtag Challenge Ads:

This is an interesting strategy, and unlike its simple name, there is much more to it 2015 오토캐드 다운로드. Hashtag challenge ads involve a banner ad that, when clicked, leads the user to a page that has instructions to the specific challenge by a specific brand. Rest assured, these challenges, when done right, are bound to get the attention of TikTokers.

The success of this ad can be measured with banner views, clicks, user-generated content (which includes people that followed through the challenge), trending slot, and more Other sheet music. These sponsored hashtag campaigns are a great way to increase engagement, brand awareness, and consumer-base through TikTok.

#4 Hashtag Challenge

This is the purest form of organic marketing, heavily influenced by Twitter and requires creativity. With the right hashtag challenge delivering a positive message, this advertising strategy could become a fruitful endeavor for any brand yielding great engagement, reach, and conversions suricata 다운로드. You can also approach TikTok influencers for maximum hashtag challenge success. In fact, the right TikTok influencers and bloggers are the main drivers that will push your hashtag challenge to a great success.

So think of a fun, safe and meaningful challenge for TikTokers and simply enforce it through the proper channel of influencer marketing.

So Go for It!

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok hasn’t been populated by brands and marketed content as of yet. However, many big brands have been playing the field and winning at it. So should you try your luck with this upcoming marketing app of the future? Most definitely, yes! Just make sure to be creative and fun with your marketing strategies.

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