How Can Social Media Help Your SEO

By on November 27, 2017

The question that people are asking is: does social media help your SEO. The answer to that question is yes. The question smarter people ask is how can social media help your SEO – and that answer takes a little more time (and there’s an even smarter question, but we’ll come to that later) so here are 5 ways that social media can help your SEO.

  1. Social Signals

Social signals are a way to describe the interactions that people have on social media – whether it’s a +1 on Google+, a like on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter, every social signal can be tracked by the people who run a search engine, much like the way their algorithm sweeps the Internet to determine your page’s ranking.

Google says that it doesn’t overtly track social signals, but Bing overtly says that they do. Even with Google saying there isn’t a direct link, websites who do have a large organic social media following rank higher than other websites with similar SEO scores that don’t.

Why is this?

Google are moving to a mobile first experience – and social media sites that are affiliated to a business do have an impact on that site’s ranking. One of the most important metrics in Google’s new model is the user experience – and one of the ways they measure that is by the amount of time that people spend on a website.

If people are engaging with your social media, then they are spending more time on your network of websites – and genuinely interacting with your company. Even if Google doesn’t measure social signals directly, they measure their effects – and that increases your SEO.

  1. Backlinks

One of the best ways to raise your rank with SEO these days is to create backlinks to external blogs that you write on websites. You may notice that these blogs have little social signal boxes on them, inviting you to share them on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The more times the blog is shared, the more valuable it is seen by a search engine – and the more it improves your ranking.

If you promote your blog on social media, it not only provides content for the people who follow you – it can help to promote traffic and social signals to that blog as well.

  1. Voice and Long Tail Keyphrases

With digital assistants like Siri and Google assistant becoming more useful, and services like Alexa making their way into the home – more and more people are searching with voice. It’s a consideration for search, and is one of the reasons that SEO has moved away from keywords to long tail keyphrases, which may reach less people but are more likely to convert them.

Comments and interactions on social media are a long list of long tail keyphrases. Not only can they help your SERPs, but they can also help you prepare for voice search.

  1. Free Audience Research

People go online to have their questions answered – and if you engage with them on social media, you can see the questions that they are asking you. Adding an FAQ to your website not only allows you to answer those questions, it allows you to list them – creating a list of bespoke long tail keyphrases which will drive people to your website and directly answer their questions at the same time.

  1. Social proof

One of the best things that social media does is provide social proof. You can have a high TrustPilot rating – but people will still want to read the reviews of real people. Putting real testimonials from people on your website taken from their comments on social media makes your brand seem even more trustworthy. A live feed plug in showing real time comments once you have a large enough and friendly enough following is even better!

But what is the really smart question to ask?

Well, it’s this – what can SEO do for social media?

Social media is the new hotness in digital marketing, but good SEO can make for great social media marketing. If your SEO is driving traffic to your website, then you can put a piece of HTML code called a pixel on that page so you can track those people. You can then use that information to retarget them on social media.

It’s great for brand awareness, because you are reaching them on more than one platform. With things like Facebook’s audience network, you can also reach them on multiple devices. You can also precisely tailor your message to them based on demographic data like their sex and age – or even how much they have interacted with your business.

That’s not all – you can also use that information to create lookalike audiences. People who are demographically very similar to people who have already become your customers. Good SEO gives an incredible kick start to a social media marketing campaign.

It’s not how social media can help SEO – it’s how social media and SEO can help each other. Social media can help future proof SEO and SEO can provide the data that social media really needs to find your audience.


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