How To Catapult Your Videos to Fame on Youtube

By on August 3, 2011

A lot of time and energy goes into creating quality videos for Youtube – but what about the marketing? Your struggle for success only begins when you post your video 한자체. So today we’re going to talk about Youtube marketing, how to do it, and of course, how to make your video go viral.

The Basics of Youtube Marketing

There are three important ingredients involved in creating a successful video on Youtube 포르자 모터스포츠 6. For the purpose of this post, the definition of success would be a video that truly goes viral, and gets millions of views Super Bunny Man pc free. This is no easy feat. Even the best social marketers know that sometimes a video just won’t take off, no matter how much time you sink into it. Let’s examine these vital ingredients 스타크래프트 맵.

#1 Optimizing Your Video

Don’t skimp on the optimization process. It’s not a guessing game! If you really want your video to stand a great chance on Youtube, then you need to do some serious research 유료폰트. Find out which head keywords and secondary keywords best suit your video. Include long tail keywords, and both low and high competition keywords. Optimize every little piece of content you can – from the title to the description 컴퓨터 티비.

#2 Advertising on Youtube

Paid advertising will get you more views, and the more people that see your video, the higher your viral potential becomes 용인기. Youtube has many different ad opportunities – all of them PPC-style so you can scale to fit your budget.

Use promoted video, to get your video suggested when viewers watch similar videos on the platform Phoenix os. There is display ad space just below popular videos, or the new pre-roll ads that play a 15 second clip before someone else’s video. These are all useful if you want to promote your video, or video feed 맥킨토시 다운로드.

The reality is, if you want to get lots of views, you have to shell out some ad cash.

#3 Driving Traffic To Your Video

Ever heard of content marketing 태피스트리? Anything online that wants to be successful needs a content network to do it. That means your video needs exposure on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You need an article marketing, backlinking and social marketing strategy to drive traffic to that video. Social bookmarking sites are also a great place to source additional traffic.

Viral Videos!

No-one knows if their video will ever go viral, until it does. Sometimes it happens with no effort at all. Other times it takes thousands of dollars and a comprehensive Facebook marketing plan. One thing is clear. All viral videos have the same thing in common. They are enormously entertaining. If you can nail this down, then you may have the next big video on Youtube.

The trick is to get the three essential ingredients just right. Fully optimize your video, use the Youtube advertising programs and drive traffic to your video from beyond the platform. If you get these right, then you’re well on your way to becoming a Youtube legend. If your first few tries don’t work, keep at it. With tracking and analysis, you’ll learn a lot you can use the next time round.

How do you market your videos on Youtube? We want to know, so please leave your comments for us!

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