Challenges Of The Modern Social Media Manager

By on June 6, 2013

What are the main challenges that a social media manager has to face, when they begin working for a new brand, or for their own business? This is question that is coming up more and more , as social media marketing continues to penetrate new niche markets 듄2000. Today I’m going to list the challenges you will face, and encourage you to add to this discussion below.

The Social Media Manager

I’ve spoken previously about social management and how there is no real benchmark for outlining what process must be followed in
order for someone to be deemed a ‘great’ social media manager windows 7 ultimate k iso 다운로드. As we investigate these challenges, I would like you to keep in mind that YOUR opinion matters here.

The Sliding Scale: A core challenge for social media managers is the proliferation and idealization of the notion of ‘good enough.’ Managers think that if it ‘kind of works,’ then it works, and that’s a win for the strategy Spectrum. This is NOT true at all. In fact, social media requires above and beyond attention to detail, on scales we have yet to measure. All we know is that the brands that do the best, don’t do the most – they literally do ‘the best.’ Average work can’t be acceptable in social management 파라다이스 로스트.

EXAMPLE: Posting any old image along with a Facebook post vs. posting a specially designed infographic that complements your Facebook update Download The Shared Gothic. The interactions and shares you’ll get from the ‘created from scratch’ image will be much, much higher.

Content Integrity: Another issue with social managers today is that they tend to ‘copy’ the tones, styles and formatting that everyone else uses 소설 필드. Unfortunately most people using social media do it for personal, and not sales-based reasons. To guarantee the integrity of your content, and to make sure that it stays in line with your overall social media goals – you need to formulate your own ‘in-house’ set of content parameters: style, tone, format, spacing, rules, toolkits and the like 우분투 가상머신.

EXAMPLE: Using unique spacing on both Facebook and Twitter, to gain more fans and follower. This may be a sub-strategy, but it’s one that matters as your content assets grow over time windows 8.1 pe 다운로드.

Content Asset Management: All content that is created is an asset. If you’re a financial manager, you manage your assets carefully as they are pretty much the most important parts of your daily business Download the Lurie Web image. It’s the same with content, and I’ll tell you why. Content has the ability to become very profitable, very quickly, for no particular reason at all Download Gangan Man. When this happens, you better hope you have a content asset management strategy in place. Then you can leverage this boost and convert it into sales.

EXAMPLE: A blog post that you posted 3 years ago suddenly ranks on Google page 1. You receive a ton of traffic and interactions because of this out-dated post. Bad practice would be to ignore it and continue posting new stuff. Good practice would be to investigate WHY the content has suddenly escalated (like stock does), and capitalize on it. That means finding out why the search term is suddenly more valuable, or why the topic is being explored again in your niche. Then you should create new content on that topic, with that keyword to maximize the traffic flow and gain additional sales from the ‘asset conversion.’

This is just the beginning of a whole list of problems that social media managers have been encountering. Now I’m going to invite you to leave your core problems here. I will do my best to help you solve them over the coming weeks.

Don’t be afraid to detail the problems you’ve been having below! I love to help.

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