How To Change Twitter Background Features: The Super-Duper Easy Way!

By on January 21, 2014
how to change twitter background

Want to know how to change Twitter background features in a flash? I was recently browsing the web looking for a decent post on sizing and tips…and you know, I could not find one. So I have decided to create a post that will make creating your Twitter background images easy. This is the only post that you will need, until Twitter updates and changes again.

Be aware that there are a lot of Twitter background posts floating around with OLD sizes, tips and incorrect advice. Follow it, and you will cry when your sizes are all wrong on upload.

Working With Correct Twitter Sizes

In order to correctly design your 2014 Twitter background, you have to pay attention to the sizes. There are two main areas that you will want to design.

• Your Main Twitter Background
• Your Smaller, Twitter Profile Background (1252 X 626 pixels)

For a designer or small business social marketer, the Photoshop PSD needs to take these sizes, and others into account. Follow this process and you will figure it out.

Step 1: New Document – overall size: 1920 X 1200 pixels (or 1366 X 768 pixels)

Step 2: Use your rulers to snap an area in the center of your document that leaves exactly 892 pixels for the main Twitter feed (this is the area on Twitter displaying your tweets).

Step 3: Most people view their screen resolution at 1366 X 768 pixels (about 27% of the market) which means that you should design with this in mind.

how to change twitter background

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An Easier Way To Create Your Twitter Background

If having to manually size your Photoshop document is a little bit too daunting for you as a social media manager – don’t bother. Instead use Andrew Macarthy’s template, or Greg Trujillo’s – they are both excellent and will help you get the sizing and spacing right.

Andrew Macarthy’s PSD Twitter template
Greg Trujillo’s PSD Twitter template

The Lazy Marketer’s Guide To Twitter Sizing

If you don’t have the patience to do the sizing yourself, and you are not sure how to work with templates in Twitter – then trial and error will help you sort things out. Simply create a 1920 X 1200 pixel document and set some measurement lines. Upload this background to Twitter and adjust according to what you see.

Knowing how to change your Twitter background is essential knowledge for the social media marketer. Unique branding and proper sizing is important for this prime social real estate. Remember, every follower that clicks through to your feed will see that design.

If you still cannot figure out a Twitter background design, click on the gear icon at the top right of your Twitter page, find settings > then the design tab. Choose from one of the premade Twitter design themes there. I really would encourage you to either have one made on Fiverr or to learn to design one for yourself if you are on a tight budget.

Do you have any design questions about Twitter? Direct them here!

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