Chatbots: How It Dynamically Changes Our Social Media Strategy

By on December 4, 2017

Technology is ever-evolving — we were once fascinated with desktop computers, then the tide shifted towards mobile in response for the demand on quick information. Nowadays we’re used to using apps to gather information, but there’s a trend that seemingly makes everything faster than ever before.

Even in today’s tech scene, there’s a shift from social media apps to social media messenger apps. With the advent of chatbots, it’s now easier to get the information we need. People are using social media messenger services more that they use social media apps itself. Because of this changing habit in looking for information in the Internet, and due to the increasing demands of personalization, chatbots is the answer to this demand.

Chatbots have been the key technology used by businesses to address the needs of people for quick information and personalization. Conversational marketing has taken the helm of optimizing your business for conversion. Instead of impulsive buying, people of today have learned to trust a brand first  before deciding to make a purchase.

How can you integrate a new technology such as these chatbots into your internet marketing strategy?

  1. Jump on the Bandwagon

We can do almost anything through messaging apps. Before, we need to download different apps for taking photos, playing games, checking the latest score on NBA, and even making payments. Now, you can all do these and more through Facebook’s Messenger.

Gone were the days when we simply used Messenger to contact our loved ones; now you can even plan a private event with your group with a simple input of the date or day.

Consumers still rely on social media to make informed purchases, so pumping up your efforts with chatbots can step up your game. For example, opening Spotify in your Facebook Messenger enables you to easily share music and create playlists to your friends! No need to open Spotify; its chatbot can also help you look for songs.

Ecommerce businesses can strongly benefit from these chatbots as these chatbots are available to contact with 24/7. Chatbots can help in responding to simple queries like how to order, how to create an account, and more. It makes it easier for your customer service team to deal with certain issues as the common ones can already be resolved through your chatbot’s functions.

  1. Make Information Readily Available

As marketers, we know how search optimization has helped in making information readily available for users. The demand for search has dynamically changed over the years, but one thing remains the same: people are looking for faster, more convenient ways to access information that they need.

Because we’ve been consistent in meeting our customer’s demands, we’re partly to blame of their shorter-than-ever attention span. Because we need to fulfill that gap, online or offline, chatbots can deliver information right then and there.

Moreover, chatbots remove the need to search in search engines; it’s easy to look for a product through the chatbot itself. You can directly access information without the need to go through a business’ website.

You might think that chatbots are just a thing in sci-fi fiction, but now it’s gaining traction to make it easier for businesses and consumers like to transact and gather information. Chatbots are just a prelude to a bigger picture — virtual reality ecommerce. Because of its automated nature, it can be integrated to virtual reality, thus further enriching UI and UX on the consumer’s part.

  1. Conversations Are More Controlled

If you remember the old adage, “the customer is always right”, then you might think that it’ll be hard to do business on social media. There has been a lot of viral stories online on how customer service reps deal with negative reviews, and we all know it’s either a great nod or the worst nightmare we never want to happen to us.

Chatbots can help control conversations and quell the anger of some angry customers. Businesses need to manage their reputation online, answer even the simplest question, and react promptly to different types of conversations. You can attend to simple inquiries even until the wee hours of the night!

Chatbots are designed to follow a process or a flowchart that can be triggered based on terms and events set by the creator. It can be refined to adapt to new information.

  1. Use Social Media to Encourage Sales

It’s important that you integrate every marketing effort into sales. Don’t believe it? 83% of online shoppers need support to complete their purchase. To ensure conversion, we should aim to reduce the path our consumers take before they convert. In fact, we want to speed up the conversion process from visitor to customer. Using chatbots is a key in making this possible.

You can eliminate the unnecessary steps taken by most visitors by serving it via chatbot:

  • Company contact details
  • Product information, related products and reviews
  • Aid in reviewing information such as shipping, returns, etc.

Serving information to your customer right away can help in reducing the time lag before conversion.

  1. A Chance to Establish Rapport

It’s often believed that being formal is the best way to interact since you’re just being “formal”. However, this formal tone is often deemed as “robot-like”. Engage actively with your audience in a conversational tone. Set your chatbot to a friendly, casual tone. It helps in improving interaction and establishing your brand’s identity online.

Chatbots aren’t just a fancy feature to your marketing efforts. Use it well and inculcate it within your strategy to boost your sales.

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