How To Choose Graphics That Would Best Represent Your Brand on Your Pages

By on March 9, 2011

Social media is the new brand platform for your business. As you already know, people are extremely visual – which is why brands like McDonalds, Microsoft and Starbucks are so incredibly popular 바람의 화원 다운로드.

Each of these corporate giants hired brand identity experts to make their brand easily recognizable, memorable and better than their competitors 김동률 감사 mr 다운로드. These fundamentals still ring true with moving your brand promotion to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

But how do you take your brand ‘identity’ and transform it into a social media hit Download the ethnic font of delivery? The competition is twice as fierce as television. What is going to make your brand stand out jdk? Here’s what to do.

1. Ask Yourself The Tough Questions

You already have a business name, and an identity – but is it good enough to try and compete on social media platforms BookBook dock? Your social media graphics have got to be eye catching, and they have to be synonymous with your business. Everything from the colors, the logo and the slogan should be uniform and easy to turn into a dynamite package for social media promotion 영상 편집기 무료.

When choosing your graphics, ask the tough questions. Is your brand identity memorable? Is it easy to turn your logo into a tiny icon? What do the colors say about your brand 제플린 앱? If you simply ignore this first stage, you’ll end up with old branding that doesn’t work, and your social media strategy will not be as effective as it could have been Download movie Fury.

2. Don’t Skimp on New Graphics to Save Money

If your logo is impossible to convert into a really nice icon for Twitter, then get one designed 아이튠즈 최신버전. You’re going to have to look at having a lot of new design work done for your social media pages anyway.

The most savvy social media brand promoters make sure that all of their social media flows – in other words, you can tell that one company is behind the branding on each of their pages Happy Tears. This is because a designer has gone in there and created some brand uniformity. That’s what you want.

3. Use Photos of Yourself and Your Brand

This is social media – people want to see that you’re a real person, not some mindless group of nameless, faceless auto-programs trying to make sales. Choose a professional photo of yourself to use on some of your social media pages. Don’t under any circumstances, use old, outdated or informal photos of yourself. People want to see you – but they will associate your photo with your brand.

4. Create a Graphics Policy

If you have a social media manager that is always choosing graphics for your pages, then you’ll want to draft a graphics policy. All this is, is a statement saying what your brand is all about, and what is acceptable in terms of imagery.

A law firm for example might ban humorous or inappropriate graphics on their blog, while a web design agency would include these images to seem young and witty.

At the end of the day it all comes down to professionalism, and the core principles of promoting a brand. Keep them in mind when choosing your graphics, and you won’t go wrong when creating your social media reputation.

Have you ever received negative feedback from graphics you’ve used on your Facebook or Twitter pages? We want to know!

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