This Week in Social Media: Chris Abraham on Pitching to Bloggers

By on January 29, 2013

How to go about pitching to bloggers

The social media news that caught my eye this week made the Alltop top posts. This post was by blogger Chris Abraham, on how NOT to pitch a blogger tia portal v15. I bet many of you small business owners out there have often wondered, am I doing this right? That’s why today I discuss his post, along with some tips of my own on how to go about pitching to bloggers Download SolidWorks 2016.

The Internet is Ruled By Bloggers

In Chris’s social media news post, he begins by detailing how many business owners are afraid of actually approaching bloggers for help Download The Republic of Korea Dokdo. It’s true that many horror stories exist on the subject, but in my opinion, there are far more success stories online.

If you want a social media news blogger to blog for you, on your blog – then you have to learn about the three ‘E’s’ of blogging 복면가왕 무료 다운로드.

Bloggers can’t resist the 3 E’s, and if you can provide this for them – they’ll quickly contribute to your monthly blog posts.

The 3 E’s are: Equality, Exposure and Equity Chinese drama.

Equality: Bloggers don’t want to be treated like employees. They want to be treated like friends, or colleagues. That means being honest with them, being fair and not taking it for granted when they contribute to your blog 코렐드로우 무료.

Exposure: Bloggers definitely look for blogs that will help them extend their own personal reputation and reach. In the social media news niche for example, there are always bloggers waiting for a good partner site to publish on Autosmurf. Make sure your site is worthy and busy.

Equity: Perhaps above all, bloggers want to be treated as professionals, or like the experts they are wget 다운로드. Give them an author’s credit, and go above and beyond to include them in your other articles. All of it will help you build a successful relationship with them 드라스틱 포켓몬스터 하트골드.

Chris Abraham on What NOT To Do

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get your post published on a top blog – Chris has some great advice for you Download Kim's Convenience Store Season 1. This is hot social media news so listen up!

  • Never incorrectly address the blogger. Chris often gets people calling him ‘blogger’ or ‘Abraham’ which tells Chris one of 2 things – a) They can’t be bothered finding out who he is, and b) They don’t really care about his blog. DENIED.
  • The ‘I read your blog all the time’ LIE. It’s easy to tell who is sucking up, because they complement you in a really general way, or about something very recent. This proves they are only out to flatter. Avoid it says social media news buff, Chris.
  • Don’t forget bloggers are REAL people. They can tell that your formatting is wrong, and that you are copying and pasting your requests to hundreds of blogs – in the hopes of landing just one. DENIED.

Chris Abraham goes on to remind us that bloggers can see through people that aren’t sincere in their pitch. If you’re going to truly approach a blogger for social media news for example, to ask to have your post published on their blog, do yourself a favor and DO the homework!

  • Find out who they are, and what they do
  • Read more than 10 of their blog posts
  • Link to their blog, so that they know your name before you ask
  • Follow their social pages, and share for them
  • Don’t beg, flatter or be insincere
  • Bloggers usually have above-average intelligence and they HATE spammers

Use this excellent social media news from Chris Abraham to improve your chances of getting your posts published. Blog outreach programs can be tricky, but if you do them right, there’s no limit to how many influential friends you can make!

Read Chris’s original post here!

Are your blog pitches turned down often? Do you turn many pitches down? Tell me why!

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