Comment Features Get a Much Needed Facelift on Facebook!

By on July 27, 2011

Commenting on Facebook is really the point of all of our effort – either you’re after more of them, or you spend hours creating your own, to keep your fans engaged 원스토어 어플. It’s no wonder that Facebook has spruced up their comment features. With newer, flashier networks like Google+ hogging all the limelight, its nice to see that trusty old Facebook is still ticking along, like a faithful watch Eclipse oxygen.

Comments Gone Wild

Granted, this is such a tiny change that it barely warrants a mention – but we are huge Facebook fans, so it’s nice to spread the word anyway content-type 다운로드. In the past when commenting on a friends post, if you included the URL of an image, video or link – you’d pretty much just see the ugly URL there – fogging up the box Windows 8.1 with bing iso.

With their new tweak to the comment features – the URL magically embeds the content you’re trying to recommend 카탈리스트 14.12. The video, image and website content is given a ‘showcase’ of sorts in the comment instead. You’re given a little thumbnail preview of the content, with the website title and direct URL address 제브라 디자이너. This is all topped off with a description, pulled from the site.

The New Feature

We like it. But it seems to be a quick-fix upgrade in response to the Google+ functionality that is spreading like wildfire online Download the vacation garden form. That’s not to say it won’t be used – these new features are a great way to promote your own videos, images and websites on other fan pages. But it does beg one simple question pdf. What about the Facebook hoard of spammers?

They are all going to delight in these new changes. Facebook will have to implement safety procedures sooner rather than later c# httpwebrequest file. But for us considerate marketers, it should be a welcome change to the bland, boring URL’s of yesterday. Now more than ever, joining relevant niche pages and groups will amount to some excellent returns jsp 이미지 다운로드.

If all you need to do is pop your video preview on these pages, the visual stimulation alone will up your views. We can look forward to greater media sharing between pages and fans, and a nice little boost for content curators who are always on the look out for great content.

Using The Comment Feature

One of the many wonderful things about Facebook, is that they make things very easy for users. You don’t need to accept or install anything to use these new features. That’s why you probably didn’t know about it until now! Simply type in your URL and publish. Facebook automatically pulls in the preview material. If you don’t want it there, there’s also a ‘remove preview’ button.

Click over to your Facebook marketing plan right now, and make a note to include more media links in the future – it will pay off! Don’t forget to use it as a backlinking tool, to get more views to your websites and other social sites.

Have you used the new comment features? What do you think? We want to hear from you!

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