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By on July 7, 2009

Blogs written by a company generally garner wrinkled noses or polite yawns due to their sometimes stuffy writing and bland stories (though to be fair, it’s tough to create compelling posts when you’ve got to make sure you don’t embroil the company in a PR nightmare, or legal quagmire), but every so often a company manages to create a blog that’s both interesting, and brand-enhancing.  Here are five of these blogs:

Sharpie Pens

Loved by doodlers across the world, this is a blog of all things Sharpie.  In addition to sharing their own tips and ideas for using Sharpie pens, this engaging blog also includes a link to a flickr profile chock full of incredible customer art 나눔폰트 다운로드.


It’s hard to write a post on corporate blogging and not include Google’s blog in on the list.  Of course their sheer size and scope garners natural curiosity, but aside from that, the blogging team there does a great job of creating compelling content covering the technological and not-so-technological side of things Apache http://.


Ok, so I admit up front that I’m a big fan of – a site where people around the world can set up shop and sell handmade goods – but aside from growing a successful platform, Etsy’s blog (The Storque) will feature interesting products and stories from shop owners across their network blob file.


Zappos has twelve blogs (!!),  a lot of writers, and is a great example of placing social media in the hands of the employees.  They’ve created a unique culture that enhances the Zappos brand while capturing audience attention – not always an easy feat 소년탐정 김전일!

What company or corporate blogs have you come across that really capture your attention?  Leave us a comment Download Gundam Di Origins 6!

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